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5 Great BOSU Exercises for Skiers


Who is ready for ski season?
Next big question, have you been training for ski season or getting your body prepared for the slopes?

Here are 5 great exercises to help get you ready (these are some of my favorites):

With the BOSU round side up, assume a squat position with your left foot on the centre and the right one about one foot aside. Lean onto your left foot so your hips-knees-foot are aligned. Hop up to the other side and land with the right foot on the centre of the BOSU with your knee and hip stacked up directly above. No need to jump high, just try to transfer from one side to the other and land in that squat position with most of your weight onto the elevated leg. Perform the drill for 30-45 seconds, 3-5 times.

Stand on the BOSU with your left foot in the centre and the right foot on the side. Assume a squat position and slowly take your right leg away and up. Try to balance for 10-15 seconds. Bring your right leg back down and change side. Increase the time on each leg to 45 seconds.

Carefully stand with your right foot in the centre of the BOSU, flat side up. Assume a semi squat position with your left leg bent, foot back. The goal is to rotate your trunk but keep your hip-knee-ankle in line. You can grab a light weight in your hands and move it side to side but focus on keeping your hips square. Do 10-15 rotations.

Place the BOSU flat side up against a wall (between 50-75 degrees) and make sure it’s stable. Step aside a couple of feet. Push off with your outside foot to jump onto the BOSU (land on the centre) with your opposite foot and push back to starting position, landing on one foot. Control the landing by clinching your glutes and hold the position for a few seconds before jumping back onto the BOSU. Perform 10-15 on each side.

Place the BOSU on the floor, flat side up. Assume a push up position with your hands on the edges of the BOSU. Push your arm pits away, tuck your tail bone and squeeze your buttocks to create a straight line from head to toes. Bring your right knee to your left elbow then return to starting position. Repeat on other side. Do 12-20 on each side.

Here’s to a great ski season everyone! Here is the video link of the exercises mentioned above - The Ultimate 6 Exercises for Skiing: BOSU
About author
Heather Gansel
Dr. Heather is a neuromusculoskeletal practitioner specializing in proper spinal/articular alignment, muscle imbalances and soft tissue injuries. As a Doctor of Chiropractic with over 20 years of experience, Heather has concentrated on athletic training/ sports medicine.

Thanks to the rise of the Pandemic, Dr. Gansel has also been able to provide continuous care for many patients via her telehealth platform. Dr. Gansel constructed a 3 week Sports Chiropractic Program which has been able to help thousands of people globally in becoming pain free. By using various digital platforms patients are able to use her treatment protocols which are customized to each individual.

A faculty instructor for American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association, Dr. Gansel’s coaching approach is strongly informed by her targeted research and personal experiences in striving to use exercise to enhance stamina. She has purposefully had long experience working with other medical professionals to address the needs of frail elderly patients and youth dealing with physical limitations and/or mental/emotional rehabilitation issues and physical education needs.

Having redesigned the Keene State Women’s Basketball pre-, post-, and in-season training program, Dr. Gansel also developed training programs for the local high school and collegiate swimmers. She has treated and assisted with the sport-specific training of equestrians, ballerinas, lacrosse and soccer players (including the Connecticut Women’s Soccer League), and marathoners as well as athletes who sole goal is striving to function at optimal health and performance levels.

A board member Kids in Crisis, Heather has personally trained all of the fundraising tri-athletes for the annual for years.

A Doctor of Chiropractic and Athletic Training/ Sports Medicine, for which she received the Clinical Excellence Award for outstanding achievement throughout the clinical system, her additional certifications include:

• Personal Training • BOSU® (Both Sides Utilized) Balance Training

• Ergonomics • Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) Master Instructor

• Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) Level 1

• Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and Holistic Medicine

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Great infirmation and demonstration


I love using my Bosu for squats (round side down), single-leg lunges, and pushups. Thanks for some more exercises to try!

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