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  • Features Every Ski Boot Should Have
    Forward lean & flex adjustment as per Atomic Hawx Replaceable heel and toe pieces - or softer parking lots
  • 2021 Nordica HF110
    I agree, to an extent they threw the baby out with the bathwater ig getting rid of all of the boots..even the good ones like the Salomon SXs.
  • 2021 Nordica HF110
    Just noticed this thread. I have a narrow low volume feet in two sizes. As they came from Nordica out of the box my skinny legs and calves told me...
  • Debunking Demo Bindings
    Everyone should ski pivots and attacks. Because they're the two easiest to mount. Fight me. :roflmao:
  • Four-Year Product Cycles aka When the Honeymoon Is Over
    I'm betting phil knows a bit about ski retail. Barely making ends meet isn't a business. It's simple, mean, survival. There are much easier ways...

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