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  • SkiTalk Edizione Speciale Sideral
    ONE pair of 170's (2/25) with Vist bindings still available
  • Toko Liquid Paraffin
    Yes. It is the one thing from Toko I never could get to go on right. Two cans' worth of gummy messes, some of which eventually required a...
  • Toko Liquid Paraffin
    @Philpug have you tried ironing in the liquid paraffin? My understanding is that you can do that for better wax absorption, so would be curious...
  • Toko Liquid Paraffin
    We have been using the yellow paraffin this Spring and it has performed, IMHO better than expected. @Andy Mink and I took out two pair of...
  • Toko Liquid Paraffin
    Has anyone tried the Toko Irox spray on wax? It is similar to what Phil reviewed in form and application, but comes in a larger package at a lower...

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