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Review: Adidas Tour360 BOA 24

While SkiTalk is obviously ski-centric in our focus and readership, we also have to keep folks' attention in the off seasons and keep the eyeballs and viewership up. This said, partnering with a company like BOA Technology can be a win/win relationship. Yes, we have had a significant amount of discussion over the past few seasons on the adaptation of BOA to ski boots. But BOA is not just about replacing buckles on skis boots for the sake of change. It can help a ski boot perform better. Quite frankly, ski boots are only one of the latest integrations of their closure technologies. If you go to the BOA Technology website you will see all of the areas that BOA is well, dialed in. Areas from medical applications, the workplace, and almost every type of sport including golf.

Golf has become one of SkiTalk’s off season focuses in the past few years. It is one of the more common crossover sports for skiers, along with cycling and specifically mountain biking. You can stay tuned to see @Tricia’s review of the Fox double BOA mountain bike shoe, the Union BOA flat.

When we toured BOA Technology’s design center in Denver we got to look at many golf shoe options from brands that partner with BOA in design. We chose to focus this review on Adidas’s Tour360 BOA, the flagship of Adidas’s collection that retails for about $240.00.

Initial impression & fit out of the box:
I am a fan of BOA, especially in ski boots in the way that it encompasses the mid body of the foot and it is no different with the application here. For you old timers, I will reiterate that BOA sort of subscribes to the old BASF slogan, "We don't make the product, we make it better." BOA does just that. BOA will not add their closure system to a product unless they are confident it will make the product better. My initial impression is that the Tour360 feels like a fine dress shoe in fit and quality. Adidas bills the Tour360 BOA as being a medium width shoe and I would say that in the initial fit, the volume is on the lower side of medium. In ski boot terms, if 100 mm was a medium volume, these felt closer to a 98 mm boot in fit. I am not sure of the need of the zipper cover over the BOA closure, but the design separates the new Tour360 24 from the previous generation, the Tour360 22.*The 24 and 22 are additions to the model name that appear in some searches that I can only assume designate the year they were introduced.

When I first put the 360 on, I was concerned with the snugness of the fit, especially as a “walker." As mentioned in another review, when going out in a brand new shoe, it is a good idea to bring your broken-in shoes along juuuust in case. In my first round out I did just that, I packed my old shoes in my bag. I am happy to say that I never needed to take my old shoes out and in fact I found myself snugging up the BOA a few clicks as the round progressed.

Speaking of snugging the BOA a few clicks and since this review is as much about the BOA as the shoe, the Tour360 has BOA’s new LI2 design and here is BOA’s description:

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 7.35.13 AM.png

Lightweight and low-profile, Li2 enables multidirectional adjustments for tightening and loosening at every turn, climb, and sprint. Built to last, the dial platform is engineered with unprecedented durability against impact, abrasion, dirt and debris. Like the BOA on our ski boots and different than earlier BOA designs, the LI2 can be both tightened and loosened without having to be released to start over. Also, since the there is no need for the maximum closure strength as in a ski boot, the Tour360 only needs the lighter TX6 lace.

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 7.35.31 AM.png
Flexible, lightweight, and strong, the TX6 textile lace is made of recycled polyester and polyethylene and provides a soft feel with long-lasting strength.

Back to the shoe, the Tour360 integrates 7 removable and replaceable ThinTech soft spike cleats in its TPU outsole. The sole design on the Tour360 around the 7 soft spike cleats looks grippier than
my other spike-less shoe, making me wonder if I would be just as happy and have enough control not using the cleats which almost feel too grippy on our dryer high desert terrain.

Speaking of high desert, the Tour360 is a fully waterproof shoe with a one year waterproof warranty which should provide confidence around water areas but that waterproofness means that the Tour360 is not as breathable as some other options. If waterproofness is not high on your priority list and/or you perspire a lot, you might look for a shoe that is more breathable. If you are not sure, Adidas does also include a ninety-day comfort guarantee.
  • Who is it for: A golfer who likes a snug fit, the BOA is key to achieving that.​
  • Who is it not for: Those who like a ventilated shoe, these are warm.​
  • Insider tip: For those who shoe up at home, IMHO, these could easily worn as spike-less without a cost of performance.​
Shoes were provided to SkiTalk.com for review purposes from BOA Technology and can be purchased at Adidas's website here: Tour360 BOA 24
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