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(Ogden/Altenmarkt Jan. 10th 2022) If you’re a skier who sees the mountain as a blank canvas, then the new Bent Family has the brush with which to paint your masterpiece. Designed and developed in conjunction with artist and legendary freeskier, Chris Benchetler, and validated by the pros on the Atomic Freeski Team, the award-winning signature ski that has evolved every season over the last 14 years today becomes a full collection of freeride and freestyle skis all built with the same playful progression that inspired the original.

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Created with design input and feedback from some of the best park, pipe and freeride athletes on any hill, the new Bent Family now brings together Atomic's entire freeski range into a seven-member unit that covers every dimension of the future of freeskiing - from backcountry powder to freestyle park and pipe skiing, every ski in the Bent Family is built to amplify your own spirit of expression with the mountain.

Using acrylic paints and an enormous canvas, Benchetler created a flowing work of abstract art that was then cleverly interpreted with black outlines to give each ski its own unique graphic to match its expressive personality. Atomic’s HRZN Tech Tip & Tail delivers 10% more surface area for awesome flotation in deep snow without adding any width or weight to the ski. This feature also creates a more relaxed tip and tail for more playful, progressive performance in freestyle terrain.

From powder slashing to pillow dropping, huge airs to stomping impossible landings, every ski in the Bent Family is built with one purpose, to connect your imagination and creativity to the mountain.


Bent Chetler 120


One of the most award-winning skis to ever grace the mountain, the Bent Chetler 120 is Chris Benchetler’s signature ski and the big brother of the Bent family. This pillow-bashing, powder-slashing machine features topsheet and base art by the man himself. With construction and shaping designed and refined by Chris Benchetler since 2008, the latest iteration redefines what’s possible in big mountain terrain. Dura Cap Sidewall construction combined with revolutionary HRZN Tech offers more surface area in the tip and tail for better tracking through chop and crud with less tip deflection. The Light Woodcore shaves weight while the Carbon Backbone adds strength and stiffness. The Powder Rocker profile offers the perfect amount of tip and tail turn-up, and camber under foot delivers epic performance through deep turns, side hits, and nose butters.
  • Sizes: 176, 184, 192
  • Radius: 18, 19, 20
  • Sidecut: 142-120-133, 143-120-134, 144-120-135
  • Profile: Powder Rocker 30/40/30
  • Features: HRZN Tech Tip, Dura Cap Sidewall, Light Woodcore, Carbon Backbone, Glossy Topsheet
  • Weight: 1800g / 184

Bent 110


Rip pow turns, slash wind lips, and send any line you can imagine. The Bent 110 takes a similar approach to the mountain as the Bent 120, with slightly less width. It’s Jossi Wells’ go-to for backcountry freestyle, charging lift-served pow laps and days when it’s deep, but not 120-deep. The Bent 110 is designed with HRZN Tech Tip and Tail for a playful performance and better float through blower without adding bulk to the ski. The Bent 110 features a bit less rocker in the tail than the 120 but still charges through variable chop and crud. The combination of Light Woodcore and Carbon Backbone work together to reduce weight and keep performance responsive. With one-of-a-kind topsheet graphic and base art by Chris Benchetler, the Bent 110 is wholly reflective of his approach to the mountains: creative and unique.
  • Sizes: 172, 180, 188
  • Radius: 16, 18, 19
  • Sidecut: 132-110-123, 133-110-124, 134-110-123
  • Profile: Powder Rocker 25/50/25
  • Features: HRZN Tech Tip & Tail, Dura Cap Sidewall, Light Woodcore, Directional Shape, Glossy Topsheet
  • Weight: 1750g / 180

Bent 100


From powder to piste the Bent 100 is the ski of choice for any day, every day. With art and build design by ski legend Chris Benchetler and the Atomic Freeski team, this all-mountain ski is a slimmed-down version of the award-winning signature model, the Bent 120. Freeski pro, Dennis Ranalter, calls it “the perfect all-rounder”. With a versatile 100mm waist, the directional shape of the Bent 100 features HRZN Tech in the tip and tail for increased surface area and float. The Light Woodcore and generous Powder Rocker encourage slashing the entire mountain from the peak to the park. Dura Cap Sidewalls offer controlled power transmission and commanding edge grip on harder snow. Whether it’s fresh snow, deep untracked, or hard variable conditions, the Bent 100 does one thing better than any other: it lets you ski like you.
  • Sizes: 164, 17,2 180, 188
  • Radius: 16.4, 18, 19.5, 21
  • Sidecut: 127.5-100-118, 128.5-100-119 129.5-100-120, 130.5-100-121
  • Profile: Powder Rocker 20/70/10
  • Features: HRZN Tech Tip & Tail, Dura Cap Sidewall, Light Woodcore, Resist Edge, Directional Shape, Glossy Topsheet
  • Weight: 1700g / 180
Bent 90


At home ripping the whole mountain, or upside-down in the middle of a Switch Double Cork 10 in the park, the Bent 90 is the ski Nico and Miguel Porteous refer to as “the Swiss Army knife” - the perfect all-terrain/park ski. HRZN Tech Tip & Tail give the Bent 90 the ability to float through pow laps in the morning and send the park in the afternoon. The Light Woodcore and Carbon Backbone keep the weight down and the performance responsive. Extra-durable Resist Edges provide lasting durability for endless rail slides. While the Bent 90 is a narrower ski than its bigger brothers, it still maintains the same attitude of creativity, self-expression, and versatility that make the entire range so effective. With flowing topsheet and base graphics by Chris Benchetler, the Bent 90 channels a unique approach to the mountain both in design and aesthetics.
  • Sizes: 157, 166, 175, 184
  • Radius: 15, 17, 19, 21
  • Sidecut: 118-90-109, 118-90-109, 119-90-109, 119-90-109
  • Profile: All Mountain Rocker 20/70/10
  • Features: HRZN Tech Tip & Tail, Dura Cap Sidewall, Light Woodcore, Resist Edge, Directional Shape, Glossy Topsheet
  • Weight: 1600g / 175
Bent 85


The Bent 85 is versatile all terrain, park-slaying ski designed to dominate the Hollywood lines under the chair, send it in the park, and perform anywhere you want to take it. Whether you’re boosting airs in the pipe or busting through afternoon chop, the 85mm waist and All Mountain Rocker keeps everything under control. A compound wood core and Dura Cap Sidewall construction provide a damp, agile ride with snappy edge-to-edge performance. With unique topsheet and base art by Chris Benchetler, the Bent 85 will inspire you to ski the mountain as only you can.
  • Sizes: 150, 160, 165, 170, 175
  • Radius: 11.6 13 14.5 16 17.6
  • Sidecut: 117/85/109 (all)
  • Profile: All Mountain Rocker 20/65/15
  • Features: Dura Cap Sidewall, Light Woodcore, Densolite Core, Resist Edge, Directional Shape, Glossy Topsheet
  • Weight: 1750g / 170
Bent Chetler Mini


The Atomic Bent Chetler Mini has the same features and technologies as the adult model and delivers brilliant all-mountain performance for kids aged 5 to 13 years who want to live the big-mountain dream. Built to the same specs as the original, the Bent Chetler Mini delivers big mountain performance to ambitious young skiers seeking unrestricted adventures in a variety of snow conditions. Designed by the legend Chris Benchetler himself, the Powder Rocker combines with a wide 90mm waist to offer smaller skiers superior float in deeper snow and unlimited freeride capabilities in softer terrain. Featuring a stability-inducing Dura Cap Sidewall for solid skiing performance on harder snow surfaces, this ski is an all-round smooth and steady ride. With a construction especially tuned for up-and-coming shredders who dream of one day skiing alongside the pros, this ski welcomes mini shredders to the Bent family.
  • Sizes: 133, 143, 153, 163
  • Radius: 11, 12, 13, 14
  • Sidecut: 121.5-90-113, 124-90-115.5, 126.5-90-117.5, 128-90-119.5
  • Profile: Powder Rocker 20/70/10
  • Features: Dura Cap Sidewall, Densolite Core, Directional Shape, Glossy Topsheet
  • Weight: 1350g / 153
Bent JR


Super maneuverable, stable, and effortless to handle, the Bent JR is an easy to control ski designed for kids ages 8-12 looking to gain confidence skiing the entire mountain. The slightly wider 85mm waist width adds stability and Dura Cap construction makes it super light while also adding durability that will endure many seasons of learning. Capable of floating in deeper snow conditions, pulling off tricks in the kid’s terrain park, or hitting the occasional kicker, at the end of the day the Bent JR shortens the learning curve for any junior skier.
  • Sizes: 110, 120, 130, 140, 150
  • Radius: 6.3, 7.8, 9.5, 10.3, 11.6
  • Sidecut: 110-78-102, 112-80-104, 114-82-106, 117-85-109, 117-85-109
  • Profile: All Mountain Rocker 15/75/10
  • Features: Dura Cap Sidewall, Densolite Core, Directional Shape, Structured Topsheet
  • Weight: 1250g / 140
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Gr8 initiative by Atomic. I have the 20/21 100 as my go-to all-mountain ski. Despite being a lifelong Elan customer, I opted for the Bent Chetler 100 over the Ripstick 96 for a number of reasons. The Chetler 100 is semi-twin tip, has full abs sidewall, has reasonably generous tip/tail rocker, is light and at CAD 480 (USD 380) a bargin.

But if you are looking for a frontside carver this is not the ski for you. With no metal/carbon, it carves okay, but it is not its strength.

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