Hello Pugski.com members! I have had some requests for my book, Brilliant Skiing, Every Day. I'm flattered and pleased that there are members who would like to read it. I have only a couple of copies left, but I'm going to make the e-copy available for anyone who wishes to have it. Therefore, I have sent it to @Tricia with permission to post it to whomever wants it.

However I would like to clarify a few points in the book, since it's aged a bit.

1. Sports Diamond. I truly believe that the model of the Sports Diamond is as valid as it was the day I published it. I use it every day, without even thinking about it, and hope you can, too. Each corner or resource contains many aspects, but each also has a most fundamental aspect.
  • Power is the realm of technique, physical condition, and equipment. The most fundamental aspect of Power is dynamic and resilient alignment.
  • Purpose is the realm of tactics, strategy, and goals. Its most fundamental aspect is the creation and maintenance of a platform created in the snow for the ski (or snowboard) to travel on.
  • Touch is the magic, containing such ideas as joy, rhythm, flow, and emotion. Its most fundamental aspect is awareness.
  • Will is about commitment, choice, action, courage, and sustainability. Its most fundamental aspect is the idea of committing to action even if you know you may fail.
2. Changes. If I were to rewrite the book, I'm pleased to say that I wouldn't change very much. But here is what I would change:
  • Power: Technique changes over the years because of progress in knowledge and understanding, but it also has a way of staying the same. However, I would change some of the technical stuff. I would make changes that are primarily based on the direction that technique has gone. I predicted, for example, that the skis were about to go into a major shift with their construction and shape. That definitely happened, and I would surely add some pieces in that arena, but things didn't change as much as I originally imagined. In fact, I have continued to ski on narrower skis. At the moment, my skis are 65 and 67 mm underfoot, and I love the way they perform. I would make exceptions in really deep and really heavy snow, but not as much as one might think. I'm not impressed with the super-wide and big rocker skis. But my kids are -- and they ski better than me, so ... whatever.
  • Book appearance: We would have to shoot all the photos again because the clothing is outdated.
  • Sponsors: A lot of that has changed, so you can ignore the sponsor page. I'm now on Blizzard skis and Tecnica boots. (I love that stuff.)
  • My home: I still work at the Ski & Snowboard Schools of Aspen Snowmass and I'm very grateful to be able to do so.
  • PSIA: I'm very impressed with the direction and talent in Professional Ski Instructors of America, and I'm also grateful for this organization.
  • My life: I still teach in Aspen Snowmass for four months each season, but you can come visit me in the Vosges Mountains in France during the rest of the year.
Love to all of ya!