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Sponsored: Fischer Announces the release of Live to Ski with Lynsey Dyer celebrating her journey into motherhood

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In celebration of Mother’s Day 2024, Fischer is announcing the release of a three-part video series that documents Freeride skier and Fischer athlete Lynsey Dyer’s personal journey navigating motherhood as a professional athlete. The Live To Ski with Lynsey Dyer series is out now on YouTube.

Part 1 of Live To Ski with Lynsey Dyer kicks off with a career retrospective that highlights Dyer’s sweeping career in the freeride world, from skiing Alaskan spines and couloirs to arcing through bottomless powder. Part 2 dives into her decision to become pregnant, the joys she feels about her decision to be a mother and her fears about what that might mean for her career as an athlete. The last installment in the series documents her transition into becoming a mother and how she is blending her career as a skier with her new role as a caregiver to her daughter Lainey.

“The more I’m in the professional skiing space, the more I feel the responsibility to represent the feminine in nature as a mother,” says Dyer about the new space she is inhabiting in the ski world. “There needs to be more feminine voices in the mountains to invite people in and help folks feel safe as they are. As fun and important as big steep scary lines and airs are in showing us how much more we are capable of than we thought, there are plenty other important ways of connecting with nature that need to be honored. I’m more motivated than ever to take up space as a mother to continue to foster community and help others recognize they belong in here too.”
Fischer is proud to support Dyer in her journey through the motherhood process as a professional skier and Jonathan Jay, Fischer Content Marketing Manager and directorand editor of the film notes about Live to Ski with Lynsey Dyer, “Lynsey has an incredibly legacy in the freeride skiing world, and she’s continuing to make history as a new mom in this space as well. It was awesome to help her share her story through this video series, and everyone at Fischer is excited to see what the future holds for both Lynsey and her family.”

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Fischer’s vision is to be the winter athlete’s brand of choice through outstanding products, created for everlasting moments and new levels of individual performance. The privately held company employs nearly 2000 individuals who all share a passion for and dedication to winter sports. Fischer Sports GmbH was founded in 1924 in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, where the global headquarters is still located. Manufacturing takes place there and in Ukraine. For more information, visit www.fischersports.com
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My personal take-away from this spotlight on Lynsey Dyer for Mother's day

Fischer produced this video series with Lynsey Dyer, shining a spotlight on her career, from the beginnings as a TGR athlete when she faced some challenges, of being asked to ski lines that put her health and safety at risk as well as being told that a woman's body woudn't be able to ski some of the challenging lines that men were expected to ski. She shares how she found the balance of being an advocate for herself, paving the way for women in the ski film industry to be taken seriously, as well as being a mentor for young girls as they grow in the skiing world.

She elaborates on how she pushed forward to produce the all girl ski movie - Pretty Faces, when people told her that she was out of her mind, and wouldn't be able to make it happen.
Now a mother to Lainey, She cherishes her family and continues to be a force of nature in the ski industry, now she's finding the balance of continuing her ski career as an athlete, guide and film producer while also being a mom who's present in her daughter's life and helping her navigate all the things that young girls face as they grow up in this crazy world.

Enjoy these videos and join me in wishing Lynsey a happy Mother's Day.

If you don't follow her on IG, you should.

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