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Review: GogglesNMore Universal Perscription Goggle inserts

Of the many topics that come up on SkiTalk.com, the ability to actually see where you're skiing comes up fairly frequently. Whether it be lens color, frame size, OTG (over the glasses), power vents, or a myriad of other optical topics, seeing is obviously an important aspect of sliding on snow. When it comes to actual vision, we with less than perfect ocular clarity were, in the past, stuck with a few options: ski without correction (potentially dangerous and painful), contacts with goggles or sun glasses (not everyone can tolerate contacts), Lasik or other surgical correction (not an option for everyone), or goggles over glasses (easiest but not without problems).

Enter the 21st century and GogglesNMore corrective goggle inserts. When GogglesNMore became a sponsor of SkiTalk.com and offered to provide inserts for review, I jumped at the opportunity. Having fought with contacts and OTG goggles with glasses, I was hoping for something, well, better. The process is simple: you give GoggleNMore your eyeglass prescription and the make and model of your goggles. In turn, they send you the inserts. Pretty simple, no?


Giro Contour goggles with inserts installed

When I got the inserts, I tried them out almost immediately. Initially I found I could see the almost clear frame but soon, much like any other new frame that takes some time to get used to, I wasn't noticing them at all. The fit inside the goggles was snug without touching the goggle lens or my face. The prescription was spot on. I'm lucky in that my prescription is pretty stable so I've been using the same insert for two seasons in two different goggles with no issues.


A better look without the lens.

One question that I get asked relatively frequently is "do they fog?". Honestly, yes, I've had the inserts and goggles fog BUT that was only during Covid when masks were required in the lift lines and on the chairs. Breathing hard after a good run and then covering my face would tend to fog things up but as soon as I was on the lift and moving they cleared. I never used any anti-fog on the inserts or the goggles and never had any fogging on the hill while skiing.

The feature I find I like the best is the inserts stay IN the goggles. No more having my glasses fall off or almost fall off when removing my goggles. No more forgetting the correct glasses for using with goggles. No more fumbling with glasses in the lodge, then not finding them. They simply become part of the goggles. The only time I had the insert touch the inside lens of my goggles was a rather exciting-head-over-heels tumble where my face made contact with the snow. More than once.


The spring arms fit snuggly in the frame of the goggle.

What goggles will GogglesNMore fit? Most frame sizes from major goggle brands can be accommodated by one of the four different size/shape frames that are offered. All four frame sizes have "spring arms" which insert into the goggle frame. The insert can be installed with the goggle lens on or off; I prefer to do it with the goggle lens out so I don't get fingerprints on the lens or bump it with the insert. You can, however, swap out goggle lenses as needed for different conditions without removing the insert. The design also makes it easy to swap between goggles of similar sizes. This could include motorsport goggles, safety goggles, or even paintball goggles.


Four sizes/shapes of inserts will accommodate most sizes of major manufacturer goggles

With the inserts, you aren't constrained to OTG only goggles or expensive prescription goggles. Frames are $29.95 and single vision lenses start at $38.00 per pair for a total of $67.95. There are additional charges for high powers and other upgrades. The frames are shatter resistant TR90 compatible material or high impact nylon. Lenses are crafted from polycarbonate or CR39 material. Single vision, bifocal, or no line progressive lenses are available. Frames can be ordered individually and taken to your optician to have lenses installed. I received my inserts quickly after my initial order.

For skiers/boarders or other goggle users who are afflicted with near sightedness, I believe GoggleNMore inserts are a very cost effective solution to helping you see better on the mountain.
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Andy Mink
Age: 59
Height: 5'10"
Weight: varies, but usually on the high side of 200#
Years skiing: Since I was about 5, but I had a long break in the early 2000s. Picked it up again in 2016 and haven't looked back.
Days per year: I've been averaging over 60 days since '16.
Home mountains: Mt. Rose, Palisades at Tahoe
Skiing style/preferred terrain/ability: I'm an advanced skier in most conditions but really enjoy groomers. I've been getting more into off piste and bumps as the years and experience roll by. I have good runs and not so good runs still, so not an expert by any definition.
My reviews: I review skis on their merits, not my likes or dislikes. I've only been on a few skis that were not very good and that was mostly due to bad tunes. I assess the ski as to who the skier is who would like it and who wouldn't, all from the perspective of someone who missed out on the initial "shaped ski" era. Basically, I'm like so many other older, returning skiers who don't have a lot of comparison to prior versions of popular skis; I can only tell you what I think about the current variation with a few exceptions.
Personal thoughts on skis/skiing: -There're a lot more of us (intermediate/advanced) than there are of you (experts).
-Pick the ski for the conditions you ski, not the conditions you WISH you skied. If they are the same, good for you!
-Don't overthink. When you find a ski you like, stick with it.
-Get out of your comfort zone occasionally. You might find a new favorite type of snow/condition.
-Get good boots, fitted well. Date your skis, marry your boots. Good boots on bad skis is doable, bad boots on good skis is still bad.
My epiphany: I tried to get back into skiing several times with awful results. Ill-fitting boots was the main reason. I got a good pair of boots that fit well and liked it. I got on a pair of Renown Z-90s and it was game on. The fun factor spiked, the disappointment waned, and here I am several years later, loving it!

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Excellent well rounded review Andy. Am someone with similar goggle issues in the past with 70/20 vision sans eyeglasses, that feels this prescription goggle insert solution is a considerable improvement. Importantly, my rec bump skiing is always significantly better when my visual brain can see in good illumination what is in front of me, that in moguls is always approaching at a high rate.


Ordered them and tried them out today for the first time. I loved them! A lot of people had warned me that they would be hard to adjust to. I waited for a clear vis day to give them a go. I had no problem adjusting and look forward to testing them further.
The primary flaw with the glasses-built-into-goggles concept has always been: you have to keep the goggles down over your eyes the entire time or you won't be able to see.
The primary flaw with the glasses-built-into-goggles concept has always been: you have to keep the goggles down over your eyes the entire time or you won't be able to see.
What you are relating is, your specific eyesight is so limited without eye correction that you cannot see well when not skiing, taken off for say when in a day lodge Well simple solution. Have a small set of eyeglasses in a pocket. Now with even more days using the eyeglass goggle inserts, can add they have been a huge improved visual boon for my bump skiing this winter that requires fast visual brain to motor brain reaction.
I only need the correction for distance so I’m fine with them off for close up or reading. When I wear contact lenses, I have to carry reading glasses. The goggle inserts eliminated that hassle for me. I’m still loving them!
Long Term Review: 2 pairs, 2 seasons and no more contact lenses! My new UVEX goggles are too big for the size 1 inserts that I have been using in my other goggles, so I purchased a back up pair in size 4. In the diagram above ... size 4 is top right and size 1 is bottom right. I continue to be a fan of these inserts; the field of vision is excellent in all my goggles. But the real reason I am updating my review is a recent customer service experience at https://www.gogglesnmore.com/. I purchased some new Tempest goggles and they seemed smallish compared to my Uvex goggles so I tried the size 1 insert and it popped out immediately. I assumed I needed a smaller insert so I ordered a size 3 (bottom left above). When placing the order the site asks which goggle it is for. Tempest Optics is not on the drop down list so I wrote it in. In about an hour, I received an email. They felt that the Tempest goggle would do best with a size 4 insert since it is quite deep. Hmmmm - so the size 1 popped out because it was too small? That seemed counter intuitive. However, I emailed them back and had them pause the order while I tried the size 4 in my goggles. I then received a phone call from the Optician to see if I had received the message and communicated to her that I would try them and get back to them. It seemed REALLY tight going in and I worried that it would pop out. It didn't though. I skied 3 hours this morning and the insert held up beautifully. I just changed my order to another size 4 insert so I have a back up and don't have to take them in and out of the Tempest goggle.

So basically they checked my order; looked into the specifics of this new goggle, and told me that I had ordered the incorrect size. That is excellent customer service. BTW - I feel the price is pretty darn reasonable. I order single vision inserts for distance only but it is $135 shipped. That is quite reasonable in my book. I was spending $100/season on contacts and I don't even like them!

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