We do like our new shiny objects, specifically skis. We are always looking for that next great ski to fall in lust with, the golden child, the new hot commodity. Well, another year, another ski ... a brand that we heard whispers of, rumors, and hell, even Exotic Ski hasn't tested them yet. We are talking a brand that Czechs all of the boxes. We are talking Lusti from yes, Czechia (Czech Republic). Can Lusti be this year's Renoun, Augment or Blossom? It just might be, if we can go by intitial impressions like rich finishes, smooth balanced flexes, shapes and dimensions that look very inviting, as well as a product mix that has something for everyone, including a far from exotic price structure. We think this relatively young Eastern European brand might just be that brand that does Czech all those boxes and get our readers Lusti-ng for.


Lusti, a Czech manufacturer, after starting to build snowboards, started producing skis beginning in the year 2000. Working through Premier skis, SkiTalk.com will be adding a select offering to help create awareness for this eastern European brand that has never really had a presence in the US market.

Lusti skis is a full line manufacturer that produces everything from kids‘ skis to FIS level race skis, along with numerous specialty skis through various collections. Lusti’s full range includes offerings in the following categories:

Lusti will offer FIS legal Slalom and Giant Slalom skis along with 21 and 24 meter Masters skis. In Lusti’s race offering are also Race Carvers in SL and GS for those looking for hard snow chargers. All skis are available flat or with Vist plates. There will also be offerings of Junior race skis, including Super G Skis.

Performance, Progress and Sport
In these three collections we see a range of widths. The 71 mm , 74 mm and 77 mm widths share shapes and offer different constructions depending on how much performance you are looking for.

Like the men’s Carving offerings, Lusti offers a multitude of widths including 68 mm, 72 mm and 76 mm, with the latter two being offered in different flexes.

All Mountain
Lusti’s All Mountain collection, designated Cross Wide Rocker, is a unisex series with sizes starting in the mid 150 cm sizing. There are width offerings of 81 mm, 84 mm, 87 mm, and plus widths of 91 mm and 95 mm. We would like to see at least one more size offerings of these starting in the low to mid 160cm range.

Without seeing these skis in person, these appear to be directional twin tips that won’t be just limited to the park, but will be all mountain jibbers. Besides offering men’s and women’s skis, Lusti provides a multitude of widths, even within each model.

Freeride. All Mountain, Big Mountain and Powder.
This is where we start getting over 100mm underfoot with progressive shapes. These skis range from 100mm up to 122, with the 100 mm Vertigo and Muse having scaled sizing.

Fun Carving
This is a collection of specialty carving skis. The Radikal Fun Carve (RFC) is a scaled specialty carving ski that ranges from a 140 to 155 designed just to lay trenches. Lusti does also offer two Snow Skates, a Regular and Wide.

While any of the skis will be available for special order through Premier skis, in our reviews, SkiTalk will be focusing on key models, samplings from Lusti’s Performance Carving collection: the PC 71 and PC 77, the MP 77 from the Progress Collection, a ski that shares the mold with the PC 77, and two skis from the Cross Wide Rocker series, the CWR 87 and CRW+95. We also will have a Ladies Performance ski in the fleet, the LP 72.