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Exclusive: Introducing the 2026 KARVER, the Most Technologically Advanced Ski Ever Conceived.


There is no question that we are in an age of a worldwide economy. Not only are products being used in regions halfway across the globe from their originating country, but brands are combining efforts with competing brands. To quote Peter Venkman, "Dogs and cats living together". The ski industry is not excluded from this manufacturing phenomenon. In a global effort to get in front of this trend, top engineers from six major ski brands got together on a remote glacier in Ikanskiabit to design the first all-encompassing technologically advanced ski ever produced.

These manufacturers and engineers agreed to put their best engineering to the test and to combine it with former competitors to create the most technologically advanced ski to be put on snow. We are introducing to you ... for the very first time anywhere, the KARVER(r). The KARVER combines the best advancements and halo technology from the following brands: Kastle, Atomic, Rossignol, Volkl, Elan and Renoun to make a ski that will slice, dice, float, turn and carve ... or should I say KARVE better than any two skis ever produced.

Technologies shared from each brand:

Kastle. Kastle has brought to the ski their famed HollowTech 3.0 EVO which will help keep the KARVER's tip quiet and smooth entering the turn. Hollowtech has been a foundation technology to every Kastle ski produced since they returned to the ski market in the mid 2000's.

Atomic RevoTec.png

Atomic. Few skis are faster than Atomic, just ask the Mikeala Shiffrin, the winningest woman in alpine skiing ever. Atomic's RevoShock has worked on the World Cup and is the defining technology on all of Atomic's Redster skis. Bringing Revotech to the KARVER will make the ski be extremely planted on the snow.
Rossignol. Vibration Absorption System or VAS, has been used on Rossignol's race skis dating back the the early 1980's. This is a technology that predates even the famed teal green 4S and is used today in Rossignol's new Arcade collection. A quiet ski gives good edge control and that is the VAS's main function. Hell, it is right in its name.

Volkl. Volkl attacked the new KARVER concept with a double barrel approach bringing their Tailored Carbon tip which helps scale the flex, so regardless of the skiers size, the skis will deliver the same feel the engineers desired for them. Next, Volkl will also be bringing their all new 4 Radius Drive which advances past their acclaimed 3D radius by one.

Elan. There are few aspects of ski design that are more unique than Elan's Amphibio construction. Amphibio creates a longer cambered section on the inside edge and more rocker on the outside edge providing both an unnatural ease into the turn along with a better connection when you are in the turn, an aspect skiing dreams are made of.

enoun. There is little doubt that Renoun's Vibestop works, Don't believe us, ISPO has awarded Renoun numerous awards validating the technology. Adding Vibestop to the KARVER as the defining second R has solidified the ski as one of the quietest skis produced ... ever.

Early Reviewer's quotes:
  • "The KARVER skis like a slug on valium"
  • "This ski is quieter than a hearse with an electric drivetrain"
  • "The KARVER made On the Road by Kack Kerouac feel like a real page turner"
  • "Yawwwwn .... Zzzzzzzz ... what was the question?"
  • "The KARVER ski could easily be the Marcel Marceau pro model"
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You have a typo... Says 2026 KARVER but medal graphic says "New for 2025". I want to be sure I have the drop date right so I can order a pair before they sell out in the 215cm length.
You have a typo... Says 2026 KARVER but medal graphic says "New for 2025". I want to be sure I have the drop date right so I can order a pair before they sell out in the 215cm length.

Available for preorder in 2025 — in stores 2026. Testing as we speak…

Sneak Peek KARVER Pomo Video
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They forgot the Head electic dampening tech and this:

Wow, I bet they'd be a great match for my new titanium solar-powered ski boots!
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Those early reviews (including some very funny ones) are less than encouraging. I'll be interested to know how the various companies plan to split the profits.
One could also add Line's swallowtail and Salomon BBR geometry. That would make it read SKLARVERS.
these competitors are licensing their tech to each other???

*shrug* On general principles, not in this specific instance, why wouldn't they cross-licence?

Beats not producing it while the patents are fresh for whatever budget/market/production reasons and then getting stuck with maintenance fees, stale IP, and completely unamortised R&D costs.

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