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Preview: Introducing the SS SkiTalk

Expect to see a new SkiTalk rig at a hill near you. We will be traveling in a new vehicle: gone is the SS Pugski (our navy blue 2008 GMC Yukon XL), so we want to introduce our winter white 2018 Yukon XL, aka the SS SkiTalk.


The rebranding of Pugski.com was the perfect time to send the SS Pugski out to pasture. We accumulated almost 200,000 mi on the trusty vehicle, with countless adventures to almost every major resort in the West and Midwest (numerous times), and we were ready for a new look with the SS SkiTalk.


SS Pugski


SS SkiTalk

Tricia, I, and everyone involved want to to thank all of our test team sponsors who help make the upgrade possible.

  • Salomon: The official binding of SkiTalk’s test fleet.​
  • Toko: Waxes and tuning supplies that make our test skis ski as well as they can.​
  • Kulkea: Thermal Trekker boot bags so we start our days with warm feet in winter, and all-new OTRmost cycling products so we better enjoy summer.​
  • LEKI: Summer and winter, LEKI poles do the job.​
  • Giro: Helmets and goggles for skiing and cycling.​
  • SkiSkootys: Letting us walk to the lift safely in an era of booting up at your car.​


And of course, our media partner, US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame: Where we can help promote the heritage of our sport.​

We would like to extend compliments to @Dave Petersen for his vision and artwork with past and present graphics.
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I started skiing in the mid-70s in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania; from then on, I found myself entrenched in the industry. I have worked in various ski shops from suburban to ski town to resort, giving me a well-rounded perspective on what skiers want from their gear. That experience was parlayed into my time as a Gear Review Editor and also consulting with manufacturers as a product tester. Along with being a Masterfit-trained bootfitter I am a fully certified self proclaimed Gear Guru. Not only do I keep up with the cutting edge of ski gear technology, but I am an avid gear collector and have an extensive array of bindings as well as many vintage skis.



Front view
The front of the old Yukon got sandblasted here in the high desert. So instead of just doing a clear bra, we thought we might as well make it look while being protected. So Dave used an image of the East Wall from Arapahoe Basin that Tricia had taken.


Rear view​
The front is actually 3 photos feathered together in Photoshop. It was the only way to get the image wide enough to wrap around the front end, plus to get a swooshy turn on the bumper.

Nice work @ davepeterson -vehicles are tough to do well with 5 sides and the wrap arounds - challenging to make it look good from all sides. Die cut vinyl I’m assuming?
The graphic on the front of the vehicle featurs fresh tracks of Willies Staircase(I took the picture a few years ago) at Arapahoe basin, which Dave Petersen tweeked to create the graphics.
As noted in my post above. I really love what Dave did.
The front is actually 3 photos feathered together in Photoshop. It was the only way to get the image wide enough to wrap around the front end, plus to get a swooshy turn on the bumper.

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It was a year ago that the SS Skitalk came home. In that time we have had some ups and downs with her but we do not regret the purchase at all.

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