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Review: Kulkea OTRmost Cycle Gear Bag


Kulkea has become known for ski gear bags that are thoroughly thought out: they have features to keep your equipment organized and durability that is unmatched. The OTRmost lineup is Kulkea's intro to the bike market, bringing the same benefits to your favorite summer activity. @Philpug is reviewing the OTRmost Hydration Backpack, I will be putting the OTRmost Cycle Gear Bag through its paces.



First, let me say that Kulkea has brought its famous durability to the OTRmost Cycle Gear Bag. The body material and the zippers are the same that we have found in the Käydä; throw this bag in your outdoor adventure vehicle with the confidence that it can take a beating. And when it comes to features, you will often wonder, "How did they think of that? Brilliant!" Let's start with the basics. The first thing you notice is separate vented compartments, one for your shoes and one for your helmet and optics, with a larger duffle area in the middle for other essentials such as a towel or change of clothes. My previous bag was a large duffle with a small compartment just big enough for a pair of sunglasses and one non-vented stowable area for shoes, but I was left rummaging around the main part of the duffle for gloves, helmet, socks, and anything else necessary for the day. Having the separate vented compartments for helmet and shoes is clutch, especially on those hot days when you're not sure you want your helmet or shoes near other things after a ride. Speaking of sweaty rides, the OTRmost Cycle Gear bag has a Laundry Chute™, which is a waterproof stash for your dirty clothes, perfect for keeping the dirt and sweat away from all of your other stuff -- because no one wants dirty, sweaty stuff.


We have addressed how you stash what you wear, but what about other essentials you may need at the trailhead? The OTRmost has a phenomenal zip enclosure area with compartments within the compartment to help you keep your things organized. This is ideal for a few tools that you may need in order to change a tire, adjust your seat, or lube your chain. The really great thing about the organizational tools of this bag is that I can always find what I want when I want it, whether I'm hitting the trailhead with friends or riding from my house. I'm never saying, "Phil, where's my stuff?!"


All of this is packed into one bag, which would be enough, right? But wait, there's more! Kulkea has thought of it all. This bag has Kulkea's trademarked Cold Pack™ storage, big enough for a few water bottles, a snack, or an after-ride beverage.

To sum it up, calling this a cycle gear bag is an understatement, because it is in a class all by itself as far as gear bags go.

  • Who is it for? A person looking for an organized bag for all their gear.
  • Who is it not for? Someone who's comfortable throwing their stuff in a pile.
  • Insider tip: Get the matching OTRmost Hydration Backpack and Tool Roll to complete the set.
  • Color options: Solar Yellow, Electric Blue, Racing Red.
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Bump for a spring revelation.
I packed all of my major cycle gear in the OTRmost to store for the winter. This made my first ride of the season easier to manage because all of my gear was in one, convenient and organized place.

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