Review: Maloja MezdiM and GoliatM Men's après Shorts

Kilts? Do the Scots have it right? For years I have been jealous of Tricia and other women who have so many options for après skiwear. In today's age of backseat base lodges and booting up in the parking lot, I have been even more jealous of Tricia’s puffy skirt; had I seen one in a tartan pattern (à la said kilt), as God is my witness, I would have bought it.

Thankfully, Maloja is saving you from such a visual experience. Sure, racer shorts have been offered for ... racers … but that has never been me. I have been looking for après ski shorts that were more casual. Maloja heard my cry and provided me with two options to try out, the MezdiM and the GoliatM. Both of these shorts work well as the men's option for the women’s puffy skirt, and for different reasons.

The GoliatM is a bit lighter weight and designed with an elastic waistband. The front of the shorts has windblocking fabric and is a Primaloft light fill, and the back is made of four-way-stretch softshell. Just below the waistband in the back is a small pocket that might be good for carrying a key or a license and credit card but is not large enough for most wallets, let alone a phone. This is the only storage option on the shorts. While it is billed as a key pocket, a larger design would be beneficial. If you plan on making any stops on the way home from your day on the slopes, make sure your top has some somewhere to put your stuff. Zippers on both sides of the shorts make them easy to get on and off, and the wide waistband was quite comfortable.

The MezdiM short is much more stoutly built with elastic waistband closures on both sides. They are mostly insulated with Primaloft Gold. The uninsulated panels are four-way-stretch softshell lined in fleece for comfort and warmth. The MezdiM shorts have a few more features than the GoliatM: full zips on both sides so you don’t have to slide them up and over a muddy shoe, and a nice large pocket on the front for your phone and other essentials.

Both shorts are much more comfortable than ski pants for driving to and from the mountain. They are warm enough that you can stand there and fill up the car or go in for a cup of coffee without scaring the children or getting funny looks because you are wearing only base layers (women are fine in yoga pants, though, of course). I do like the option of both shorts, especially in our current booting-up and -off environment. I think the MezdiM is more of the midwinter option while I prefer the light weight of the GoliatM for fall and spring. This short could double as a mountain biking short in the shoulder seasons, too.
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The red ones look like they might double to wear under your ski pants on cold days when your butt freezes to the chair.
Except that the insulation is zoned the wrong way around for that. Thick in front, thin in back.
I see the GoliatM on the Majola site but not the MezdiM. Is this a newly emerging product for them?
Except that the insulation is zoned the wrong way around for that. Thick in front, thin in back.

Good observation. Maybe I gave them an idea for a new product. Maybe not. Probably not.
How about wearing the shorts over top of ski pants on a really cold day? We are having one of those days in B.C. right now.

I woke up at 7:30 to -24*C outside my door and frozen pipes. Fortunately this is not my first rodeo so with a properly positioned ceramic electric heat it took 15 minutes to get the water flowing and it has now warmed up to -20*C. Still too cold for me to go skiing.
Very chilly evening xc ski after work tonight. A pair of these over my tights would have been perfect.
Elevenate and arctryx also make this style of pant. They're an awesome mid layer under shell pants and over long johns.... i wear them every day. Don't want to poach an ad thread, but the larger point is, this type of piece will become a clothing standard in the next few seasons.
Can’t find em to buy em
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