February 29, 2020
Day 24
Skiers: Carla

Note: Today is April 20, 2020 and I am just now writing about my visit to Campton Mountain Ski Area. I lost focus to finish this series of articles for my NH Talls & Smalls due to COVID-19 and the rapid transition to social distancing, working from home, and other changes in daily life that has impacted all of us. I hope by completing this series, it will inspire others to maintain hope for a healthful & snow filled 2020/2021 ski season.

Campton Mountain Ski Hill is small club house style ski area nestled in the heart of Waterville Estates, a large 700-unit housing and condo development in Campton NH. Established in 1969 as a second home community, Waterville Estates includes a large recreation center, restaurants, and its very own private ski area with base lodge. Guests are always welcome to visit, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.


Looking uphill from the base area


Hand painted train sign mounted at the base of the double chair.

I arrived around 6pm, and was excited for round two of skiing after previously skiing at Mt. Prospect earlier in the day. It was chilly with a starless night sky. As I entered the base lodge, it was quickly apparent to me that I was not entering a lodge as most skiers envision, but rather a full-service pub/restaurant with a live band that just happened to have a few ski trails in the backyard. I purchased a lift ticket for $25 from the bartender and made my way over lift.


View from the chairlift looking uphill


Chairlift, top view


Top view looking down the lift line Glade Path Trail (left), and Lazy 8 (right)

While the bar was busy, the slopes were not. There was just a handful of skiers, mostly teens, and both the rope tow and double chair were running. Vertical drop is just over 300’ and I would describe the terrain as mostly green to a light intermediate blue. Snow was groomed, but very firm with large paths of boilerplate ice due to the thraw/freeze cycles that occurred previously in the week. The ski area does not have snowmaking services. I took about 10 runs down the Lazy 8 path as it was the only trail open this evening, which skied firm and fast. I was thankful I brought my Kastles and for sharp edges.


Loading area of the double chair & base lodge/pub


View from the deck looking up trail. Rope tow to the left, double chair to the right

Back inside the lodge, the house was packed and I was lucky to find a single seat open at the bar. I enjoyed a pint and an amazing BLT sandwich before calling it a night and heading home to Lincoln.


Inside the Tail Spin Lounge. As you can see, they had a full house this Saturday night


Fireplace & upcycled ski sconce lighting & coatrack

Overall impression: Fun vibe! I wish I had visited with friends vs. solo as it is definitely more of place to gather with others after a long day of skiing, vs. a skiing destination in itself. Totally cool place to hang out and the best housing community amenity I have ever visited. I’ll take a ski hill over an indoor pool or tennis court any day! Food and service were excellent. Now that I have discovered this little hill, I will be certain to visit for après ski in the future.

Snowy Wishes,
Carla Frontfive
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