December 30, 2019
Day 7
Skiers: Carla

The Kanc is a tiny local ski hill owned by the Town of Lincoln, and operated by the Lincoln—Woodstock Recreation Department. I feel so fortunate to call Lincoln my second hometown and I visit this area often, at the amazing discounted resident rate of $5 per day. With tax, a Subway footlong costs more than a day on these slopes nestled in the valley at the base of Loon Mountain.


View of the Kanc Lodge & Barn from mid trail. Rope tow to the left. Note the cars in the parking area, there were many local families enjoying the snow on this blustery day.

I woke up this morning to 4” of fresh snow, and was hopeful for more, but unfortunately, snow changed over to sleet and freezing rain later in the day. Skies were overcast, and the precipitation greatly decreased visibility. Wind gusts were rampant and freezing rain felt like stinging bees in the face…..not exactly pleasant ski conditions, but there was a crowd of happy faces at the Kanc enjoying the snow during holiday break. During school vacation week the ski area is open daily from 10-4, providing children and families in town an affordable place to enjoy a variety of snow sport activities. The Kanc is routinely open on weekends and for night skiing several days per week. There is a 220’ rope tow that serves two trails on one large slope. There is a separate smaller slope that can be used for sledding. The ice skating pond was not in use today as the weather has been too warm.


View of pump house and lower trail from the top of the rope tow. Look at all that fresh untracked snow!

Riding rope without a handle grip is challenging. Thankfully, the Kanc provides loaner gloves as they definitely get chewed up from the rope’s friction. As you get about ¾ of the way to the top you really need to dig deep to prevent the rope from sliding through your hands. I held on securely for my first 5 or so runs, but later runs I never could make it past the ¾ mark. Snow surface was outstanding with 4” of fresh snow, on top of a deep base of packed blown snow. The Kanc has both snowmaking and grooming capabilities, a unique luxury compared with other local rope tows which were completely closed this week due to lack of snow cover.


View looking uphill from the Kanc Lodge. Spots in the picture, snow!:)

The rope tow closes from 12-1230 to serve lunch and ensure all kids (and adults) take time to eat. The menu consists of a freshly cooked hotdog, chips, and Kool-Aid for $1. Yes, seriously lunch is $1! Other offerings include hot chocolate and a candy counter.


The lunch crowd. This lodge is cozy with long picnic tables, and various chairs and couches for seating.


$1 lunch, pretty tasty & yes that is straight up original red Kool-Aid

I spent some time over lunch chatting with Jack, the lift operator/ski patrol/lesson helper/etc. Calling him the Jack of all trades is not a pun, but rather captures everything I watched him do throughout the day. Jack tells me that he grew up in Lincoln and has been skiing at the Kanc for 43 years. He has a strong passion for introducing the children in town to the sport of skiing, and tells me the best part is seeing each generation grow into competent skiers, who then return with their own children years later. Jack also told me that original engine that ran the first rope tow came from the paper mill. Lincoln was founded as a lumber town in the late 1800’s and has a fascinating history. I’ll add a link if anyone is interested. Ironically, but not really as this is such a small town, Jack was friendly as a kid with the son of the original owner of my house, and told me my floors were awesome to play matchbox cars on:) I then proudly told him how we pulled up blue shag carpet and lovingly hand waxed & restored the original maple hardwood.


After lunch lift line at the rope tow. Past the netting and looking up slope you can see a large group of people sledding and tubing.


Mittens drying in the lodge near the wood stove. On past visits I have seen a dog bed placed near the wood stove with a friendly golden retriever greeting guests. Old nostalgic pictures grace the walls telling the history of the Lincoln Ski Tow (original name).

Overall impression: A true no frills community ski area that thrives and serves the residents of Lincoln & Woodstock. Always a friendly and familiar face to great you, and a fun local vibe to hang out. I’m excited to return over February vacation week!

Snowy Wishes,
Carla Frontfive
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