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Review: Overview of Toko Alpine Ski Vises

There are a lot of Alpine Vises out there and it can be confusing to know what the differences are between them. There are 4 main Toko Alpine Ski vises. They are Ski Vise Express, Ski Vise Race, Ski Vise World Cup, and Ski Vise Freeride. Here is a summary of these vises and their differences.

Ski Vise Express
This is a simple fixation device that accommodates all types of Alpine skis. The high grip rubber pads prevent the skis from slipping. The ski can be fixed base up, vertically sideways (90 degrees), or obliquely sideways (60 degrees) to accommodate all aspects of ski preparation. This is a two piece vise that does not have a clamp so keep in mind that this vise works with friction. If you want a ski vise with a clamp, you will need to get either the Ski Vise Race, Ski Vise World Cup, or the Ski Vise Freeride. The Ski Vise Express comes with 2 brake holders. MSRP $105.


Ski Vise Race
This is a 3 part Alpine ski vise. End pieces are not adjustable but the end pieces can be moved toward each other or farther apart to accommodate all ski lengths and shapes. The middle clamp opens up to 90mm. For skis that are wider than that, we recommend clamping onto the binding plate or onto the bindings themselves. The end pieces allow for fixing the ski at a 60 or 90 degree angle for side edge sharpening. This 3 part vise is an economy option to the Ski Vise World Cup. The Ski Vise Race comes with 2 brake holders. MSRP $170.

Ski Vise World Cup
This is a 3 part Alpine ski vise. End pieces’ height is adjustable and also offer the possibility of fixing the ski at a 60 or 90 degree angle for side edge sharpening. The center fixation clamp is 70mm wide to prevent any kind of movement during ski preparation. The clamp opens up to 100mm. Wider skis can be fixed by clamping the binding onto a binding plate or the bindings themselves. Comes with 2 brake holders. In addition to the height adjustability the end pieces can be moved together or farther apart to accommodate different length skis. This is our best 3 part vise overall. MSRP $220.

Ski Vise Freeride
This 3 part Alpine ski vise is specifically designed to secure very wide skis such as freeride, freestyle, or jumping skis. The end pieces can be moved toward each other or farther apart to accommodate all ski lengths and shapes. The middle clamp opens up to 155mm and can be clamped to sidewalls, binding plates, or bindings. The end pieces allow for fixing the ski at a 60 or 90 degree angle for side edge sharpening. The Ski Vise Freeride comes with 2 brake holders. MSRP $260.
Double Ski Vise
A great double vise for the home technician who is looking for a permanent vise solution or for the ski shop that needs one of the most versatile vise options on the market. The Toko Double Vise will fill all of any shops waxing and mounting needs. MSRP $770

Ski vises provide the platform from which you work on your skis’ bases and edges. Hopefully this overview was helpful in explaining the options available to you.
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Good info!
Really like those extending arms for the Toko bench. Does all of their benches (+swix benches) have that feature?
Great write up a Phil !
Wish you could mix and match these, would love to get the center clamp of the free ride and the tip / tail clamp of World Cup.
Anyone have any Black Friday intel or a dealer less than retail?
I've tried combining the support clamps from a Ski Man Pro (as they adjust for height) with the Toko Freeride. Gave it two months of fiddling. Basically the wider jaws grabbing the edge of the ski rather than the binding didn't hold as well as grabbing the binding AND the alignment of the ski over the end supports did not match where it was being held in the center. So the end wasn't supported well and those supports would end up interfering with tuning. On top of that, grabbing the edge of the ski interfered with tuning frequently. So I've shelved the entire Freeride set up and gone back to the narrower-jawed Ski Man. I've been using it for 20 years and any issues I've figured out. I'm really irritated with two design decisions on the Freeride. 1 - not having the supports adjustable for height. They saved money but it's a pain to adjust those back and forth with every ski you grab, repositioning the clamp to the new silhouette. So I tried tossing those and used my old supports which you just need to lift one end to get good support for a different ski. 2 - there's some inner clamp on the center vise I guess for cross country skis. It interferes with grabbing one of the pairs of bindings and that ski has sloped sides as well. Add that to the fact the position of the ski in the wider jaws of the Freeride didn't line up well with the tail supports from Ski Man Pro. So I spent too much time playing with the positioning one day and just ripped off the Toko vise from the bench and put my Ski Man back into service.

Angled clamps didn't even get a try with all these other issues.
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