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Review: Peak Design Out Front Bike Mount

Are you someone who uses your smart phone for fitness tracking? It may be for running, hiking, or biking, but many of us have taken to using our smart phones for these activities instead of investing in a specific tracker like Garmin or Suunto.Or perhaps you're like me and have an e-bike which uses the phone to interface with the bike computer. Over the past few years I've looked at a few different options to mount my phone on my bike to show the bike computer screen as well as track my ride and fitness. Some of these options are quality and hold the phone securely but were a bit awkward to connect. All of these options have a specific phone case to use with their bike mount, most of which make the phone feel bulky for those times you're not riding. While I felt my phone was secure, I found myself not stopping to take pictures because I didn't want to fumble around with the awkward connection to the handlebars, and if you know me, I love to take pictures when I'm out riding. Really, our smart phones aren't really phones anymore, they're cameras with a phone app.
This year when I saw the Peak Design setup with the magnetic case and Out Front Bike Mount, I was extremely impressed to see how sleek the case is and even more impressed when the rep demonstrated just how strong the mount system is. I decided it was time for me to test how it measures up against the bike mount setup I had been using.
Because different people have different needs, the cases are sold separately. You will need to buy the case and accessories you want separately, but their site has a huge variety of options for a huge variety of needs. I received the case for an iPhone 12Pro, the Out Front Bike Mount and they threw in the Mobile Wallet.

We'll concentrate on the phone case and bike mount first and foremost. The phone case is slim and easy to put in a pocket or purse, and nice to hold in your hand without extra bulk. The bike mount comes with several pieces to attach to your handlebars no matter what kind of bars you have on your bike.

Once I mounted it to my bike, I planned on practicing getting my phone on and off, but practice was not necessary. This system is so smooth it was a breeze. Even though the Out Front Bike Mount is magnetic, there is a small clip that holds it in place.

To remove the phone, you pinch the easy-to-access base and it releases the magnetic case.
Now, let‘s talk about the question everyone asks: Just how secure can a phone be on a mount like this? Well, it's secure enough that Phil lifted my 40lb bike up holding only the phone.
The Peak Design set up is so well thought out and so secure, the only thing left to do is ride!

Now that we've talked about the bike mount that I quickly fell in love with, lets talk about their other accessories that work with the phone case. The Mobile Wallet was lost on me when it arrived. I mean, I have a wallet, why do I need this? But, as any good reviewer does, I gave it a try. The wallet easily attaches to the phone case via magnet and just as easily comes off. It doubles as an easel, which can come in handy for those Facetime or Zoom calls that we've all grown accustomed to.

Wallet phone red.png

While the wallet adds bulk to the back of the phone, it holds a driver's license, credit card and a few bucks, which is all you really need on the fly. The magnetic tab closure pulls up to help gain access to the contents of the wallet.
Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 10.05.50 AM.png

Another thing I have learned to like about this accessory is that its magnet sticks to the refrigerator, avoiding the common question in our house, "Where's my wallet?" Peak design doesn't just have bike accessories; they have car mounts, wall mounts, tripods, helmet attachments, motorcycle mounts and a plethora of other accessories that go with your phone case. To top it all off, the phone case is sleek and attractive. The only down side is that they don't carry a variety of colors.
Peak Design accessories.png
While I had to take the old bulky QuadLock phone case off when I wasn't riding my bike, I can leave the Peak Design case on my phone, and the wallet has become my "go to" wallet. This pleases me very much.
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Since I recently got a new iPhone 14, I needed a new case so I figured since @Tricia was so happy with her Peek Design and I was impressed with the build, I decided to buy one for myself. I am impressed with the new case, I like how it is pretty streamlined and not as bulky as my outgoing Quadlock case. The only real flaw I found in the case is that our microphone does not reach the Lightning connector so we had to purchase an extender.

I like symmetry and one of the things that always frustrated me with having the Bosch Kiox display on the stem I was limited to mounting my phone to the side. With the Peak Out Front mount and the way the connection is, i can bring it to the center and as long as I am fine having my phone in a landscape view, I can move the phone to the center.

THis bike mount makes it so easy to stop and take pictures!!
Love it more every time I ride.
I ordered a Peak Design car mount for my phone. Right now it's on back order. I hope I'm as happy with it as you are with the bike mount!

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