Pugski.com is proud to announce that it has chosen Salomon as the official binding of its test fleet. When testing skis, we look to remove as many variables as we can; using the same binding on every ski allows us to concentrate on a ski’s performance without worrying whether the binding is affecting the results. Salomon’s Warden MNC 13 DT has one of the lowest stand heights of any two-part demo binding; this allows a test ski to perform more like it would with a typical retail binding. Owner Phil Pugliese is excited about the relationship: "Bindings are about confidence, and I have been using Salomon bindings off and on since the mid-1970s, going back to the 727. The Warden MNC 13 DT will allow us to get the most out of our test fleet for our readers."

In some cases, a manufacturer will specify a particular binding for a ski; otherwise, you will start seeing Salomon Warden MNC 13 demos on all the skis in Pugski.com's test fleet.

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About Salomon: Born in the French Alps in 1947, Salomon is committed to pushing the boundaries of mountain sports through the creation of innovative equipment that allows people to play, progress, and challenge themselves in their chosen outdoor sports. The company produces and sells premium footwear, winter sports and mountaineering equipment, hiking equipment, and apparel specifically designed for all of those disciplines. Products are developed in the company’s Annecy Design Center, where engineers, designers, and athletes collaborate to create innovative solutions that continually improve the outdoor experiences of those who see nature as a vast playground.