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Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story To be released on iTunes

You won’t want to miss SKI BUM: THE WARREN MILLER STORY documentary. Preorder for only $6.99 now through June 30th and watch the trailer here: https://apple.co/2NnKzRa

Warren Miller was the most influential person in American winter sports. He was the voice of winter beckoning all of us to participate and explore decades. He accomplished this as a filmmaker and personality while pursuing his passion to be a ski bum. He was so popular that entire industry knew him simply as “Warren”.

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The new documentary Ski Bum: The Warren Miller Story will be released on iTunes. Legendary filmmaker, Warren Miller, was a driving force in the development and promotion of the ski industry in American and throughout the world.

His 1983 movie “Ski Time”, it opens, with extreme skier Scot Schmidt peering over a rock cliff at Squaw Valley. Then you hear Warren’s iconic voice with his deliberate, dramatic and rhythmic pacing, “Time, there is all kinds of it; time is the only thing in life we own. Nobody can give you any, but people can take it away from you. You can waste it or you can invest it in Ski Time.” As Warren is speaking, Schmidt drops in and skis the cliff face and launches over the rocks.

That was the Warren Miller formula; his voice with snarky jabs at the mundane and bits of humor mixed together with jaw dropping footage. He entertained, inspired and educated generations with a simple message of the winter experience.

His narrations reminded us of history and the magnitude of the mountains; he had a knack for making the audiences feel significant and insignificant at the same time they had an existential quality.

In 2009, Olympic Gold Medalist and Skiing Icon Stein Eriksen said of Warren, “His films were to me then, what NBC is to the Olympics today.”

“When you compare what is happening on social media and the likes and the follows that come along with it, Warren did that in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s 90s and his company is still doing today with a movie that comes out once a year and is 90 minutes long,” explained former Warren Miller cameraman Tom Grissom.

Miller was born for this mission of packaging up the mystique of selling the ski bum life style. One of his early books written in 1947 and entitled “Are My Skis on Straight” which was a cartoon book that he sold out of the back of his car to raise funds for ski trips to Alta and Sun Valley.


It was with that energy that he launched his production company in 1950.

He built his film company hand in hand with a distribution strategy that centered on his personality and perspective. He once told me, “I didn’t care about the size of the audience, whether it was one person or 50, you do a great show and someone was bound to buy you dinner.”

It was that perseverance that built the Warren Miller brand, as we know it today.

For many it’s an annual pilgrimage and right of passage, even today as I emcee Warren Miller movies fans reminisce about the their first Warren Miller experience. They describe in detail where and when they saw their first film, who they were with and many recall seeing Warren himself on the stage.

He once told me, “Show me the book that says you have to live here and work there, there is no book, you can go and do anything you set your mind too.”

These tidbits of wisdom motivated generations of fans.

Fans around the world will forever echo his words, “If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”

Extreme skiing pioneer Dan Egan has appeared in 12 Warren Miller Ski films and countless others. He was inducted into the U.S Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame in 2016. Today he teaches clinics and guides trips at locations around the world.
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Dan Egan
Dan Egan thrives on taking action that produces results. First known as a world-renowned extreme skier, Dan is now considered an early pioneer of “extreme” action sports. He appeared in 12 Warren Miller Ski Films from 1985-1994.

Together with his brother John, Dan Egan is known for skiing the most remote regions of the world. Their exploits have been featured on the Discovery Channel, ESPN, and Good Morning America. Powder Magazine named him one of the most influential skiers of our time.

Off the snow, Dan Egan has contributed mightily to the ski industry. As a winter sports broadcast producer, Egan was awarded a Telly Award (Disaster on Mt Elbrus 1991) and his films won “Best of the Fest” at the 1989 (World Wide and Wild) and 1994 (Children of the Snow) at the International Ski Film Festival. Egan is a 3-time New England EMMY award nominee for his TV series, Dan Egan’s Wild World of Winter.

Journalism has filled a good deal Dan’s time. He has authored two books, “All Terrain Skiing” and “Courage to Persevere” He has covered three Olympics and is a contributor to the Boston Globe. His “Edging the Xtreme” radio show is featured on RadioBDC.com, is a two-time NASJA Harold Hirsch award winner for excellence in journalism and a NASJA Mitch Kaplan award winner.

Since 1991 Egan has run ski camps and clinics around the world teaching thousands of skiers the “Secrets of All Terrain Skiing.” His company Skiclinics.com organizes trips in South America, Europe and North America and his camps are continually sold out to this day. Today he can be found at Killington, Big Sky, Valle Nevado and Val D Isere Resorts sponsored by Elan Skis.

Today Daniel Egan channels much of his boundless energy into action sports marketing and consulting to some of the world’s most recognized and iconic brands.


I'm really looking forward to this.:popcorn:
My first thought while watching the movie was "Wow" This is truly a movie that will make you laugh and will make you cry and all I can say is "Thank you" to everyone involved in helping Warren share his life with us.
Phil and I watched this tonight on our patio. The lens cap is taken off as he shows us the parts of his life that most of us don't know. It emphasizes the passion he had for bringing skiing into our lives.

We will be watching it again, as I'm sure I missed a few things, and it'll be a popular rotation in our ski movies when we have friends over.

If you haven't ordered it, you need to.
Do it today. If you don't, you'll be one day older when you do.
To celebrate the release of the Ski Bum – The Warren Miller Story, join us for a live chat and hangout with the filmmakers and stars of the film on Wednesday evening 7:30pm EST on Facebook.

Join Skiers; Scot Schmidt, John Egan, Dan Egan, actor Brian Wimmer and filmmaker Patrick Creadon for a live discussion about the making of the film.

This film new documentary features legendary filmmaker, Warren Miller, was a driving force in the development and promotion of the ski industry in American and throughout the world. Watch the trailer here: https://apple.co/2NnKzRa

Lorton Entertainment in association with Gravitas Ventures is proud to announce the release for Ski Bum – The Warren Miller Story on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms. Watch it now!!!
Watching live now.
Watched it twice now while riding my stationary bike in the basement. Free download from Prime. Amazing how damn hard he worked, and unfortunately, how his family life suffered. The film was very honest and touching with amazing raw footage. An overlooked icon who brought skiing into the lives of millions of ordinary Joe schussers like myself. I'm getting the book next; "Freedom Found".
Join me Dec 29th at the Flying Monkey in NH for a celebration of Warren's films
Doors at 6:00 pm

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