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After reviewing skis for for decades, we have found many ways to pass along our interpretations. One of the most common questions we get is to compare one ski directly against another; usually they are two similar skis but sometimes they are completely different. This is where reviewing multiple skis in a comparison can fall short, and the same goes for individual reviews. So, how do we assess the two skis that the skier is looking at? Cage Match Comparisons!

Our Cage Matches are meant to be informative, educational, thought-provoking, fun, and (most important) helpful. We pit similar models against each other, looking at power vs power, finesse vs finesse, power vs finesse; we look at sibling rivalries where two similar skis come from the same brand or sister companies and even the occasional tag team matches.

We are not picking a winner in these comparisons; they are intended to help skiers choose which one is the best ski for them personally. If 10 people are considering these skis, five might choose one, four might choose another, and that last wouldn’t be able to decide if the ghost of Doug Coombs himself brought down the answer from the sacred peaks of the Tetons. We also add a few alternative skis, some other options in the same class. These threads are in the community, so we welcome any questions you might have.

This is an ongoing series, and we will be adding to it especially as new models are introduced.

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I started skiing in the mid-70s in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania; from then on, I found myself entrenched in the industry. I have worked in various ski shops from suburban to ski town to resort, giving me a well-rounded perspective on what skiers want from their gear. That experience was parlayed into my time as a Gear Review Editor and also consulting with manufacturers as a product tester. Along with being a Masterfit-trained bootfitter I am a fully certified self proclaimed Gear Guru. Not only do I keep up with the cutting edge of ski gear technology, but I am an avid gear collector and have an extensive array of bindings as well as many vintage skis.


If there are Cage Matches you would like to see, please post them here.
For 2023 we have taken to video form for our acclaimed Cage Match Comparisons. We feel this format lends itself better than just the written word when comparing a couple of skis. So go to SkiTalk's YouTube channel and check out the Cage Matches along with individual reviews and other comparison tests. And don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with all of our new content.
We are still doing the threads which are interactive, feel free to ask questions there.

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