and Blossom Skis are excited to offer a unique opportunity to own a special edition (Edizione Speciale in its native Italian) of the Blossom White Out, an homage to the iconic Spalding Sideral. This ski shares much of its DNA with the original Sideral as both Spalding and Blossom came out of the same facility originally owned by Persenico in Chiavenna, Italy, in 1906; it was the very first ski factory in Italy.


Much as the Sideral was the gold standard ski in its day, the modern White Out with its 131-77-111 dimensions is the ski that almost every premium offering is compared against. We chose the early-80s graphic, which brings a level of class to the ski and with Dave Petersen’s creative artwork, a modern take on the Sideral.

On-snow feel of the White Out is what you would expect from any premium ski: solid, smooth, and connected. All it takes is a thought and these skis will do whatever you want them to do.
Phil Pugliese, ski tester and owner,​

You have the opportunity to get one of 25 individually numbered skis in your desired choice of sizes: 164, 170, 176, or 182. These will be available for preorder until March 1, 2021, on a first-come first-serve basis. Once the run is produced, no more will be offered. These will be offered sans bindings to our readers for $849. You have the option of the Vist Speedlock Pro Lite plate with VM412 bindings (featuring period-correct brushed silver covers) at the time of purchase for an additional $425.

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About Blossom Skis: Blossom Skis is a company that, in the age of standardized production, chooses to offer hand-made, tailor-made products: we control every stage of the process, the quality of all materials, and ensure 100% Made in Italy production. Deeply rooted in our Valchiavenna tradition, Blossom's team works tirelessly to combine the best designs, the highest-performing materials, and most effective production technologies toward a single objective: to give each customer “his or her” own pair of skis, designed for that person’s technical skill, type of snow, and preferred terrain.