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Review: So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, adieu.

Some very popular boot, ski, and binding models are being sent out to pasture for 2025. Below is a list of products that will be gone for next season and if you like any of these, now is chance to scour the discount racks. Note, we are not talking about models that have maybe slight evolutionary changes or even just graphic updates, but popular models that will be gone from the landscape.

Bonafide copy.png
  • Blizzard
    • Auf Wiedersehen Bonafide/Cochise/Brahma
      • Hello Anomaly collection
    • Good bye old friends. This is a rough one since we were there at the beginning when the "flipcore" collection was introduced. It was a series of skis that catapulted Blizzard to the mainstream. Anomaly? I have never seen a new series name create such buzz not only from consumers but also many in the industry. And, unfortunately, not all of it is good. Be that as it may, the new collection is excellent and once people get out on them, I think the criticism will soon go away.
SG Pantara.png

  • Dalbello
    • Ciao Panterra
      • Hello Cabrio MV
    • No one really figured out the relatively over-complicated Panterra with its Cabrio shell and 4 buckles. It could be a pain to get into and quite frankly it was pretty ungainly to look at too. Dalbello simplified its “dad boot" by offering their cleaner Cabrio design in a mid volume. A great choice no matter how you slice it.

  • Fischer
    • Auf Wiedersehen RCOne Collection
      • Hello The Curv Collection
    • The RCOne series was a great versatile collection of skis that had a great following. They were like a warm blanky, fleece jammies or hot turkey sandwich, sheer comfort. The new Curv GT's now have more backbone and purpose to them for increased performance, but not at the cost of all the ease the old RCOne had.
MTi copy.png
  • K2
    • So Long Disruption Ti2/STi/MTi
    • The narrow hard snow specific Disruptions had big bindings to fill when they replaced the stellar Charger collection. Yes, the skis were good but very polarizing in feel with their dramatic and uncompromising aggressive shape. They won Tester's Choice awards because they did one thing... carve and they did that like no other skis in the class could but ... in this class, mid 70mm carvers, people want some versatility. I hear a replacement is coming down the road, one that returns some of the Charger DNA, I hope I understood correctly.
  • Kastle
    • Auf Wiedersehen PX72/PX81
      • :(
    • While we didn't spend much time on the PX72, the PX81 was a huge favorite of our test team. Along with the PX81 being one of our favorite skis, it was a ski that punched and skied well above its price point. It had a great base finish out of the box and a very good Tyrolia binding integrated.
    • Auf Wiedersehen FX Collection
      • Hello Paragon
    • The FX collection was to Kastle almost as much as the MX name was, it was with Kastle since the very start. The FX's were the skis for the skier who felt the MX was just a little too much. Enter the new Paragon series with a 93, 91 and 108. I will say, where the FX stood for Freeride Cross, the new Paragon is much more freeride. So for those looking for an MX-light, what the outgoing FX was, you better stock up. If you want to venture into the unknown, trees and more off piste, I think you will like the new Paragons.


  • Lange
    • Adieu RX Series of boots
      • Hello Shadow. The replacement for the RX collection, the Shadow, actually came out last year so there was a year of overlap of the two series of boots for a year. The all new RS series is no longer a collection that shares its architecture with the RX. Now it is all new, and the RX has officially been put out to pasture.


  • Nordica
    • Auf Wiedersehen HF Elite
      • The HF Elite was the easy entry Hands Free, hence HF with heaters. It was taking first class comfort to the coach cabin. It is a shame because while it wasn't a huge seller, those who bought them loved them. Sure you can add your own heaters, but with that warm toe box the HF was really nice.

  • Salomon
    • Adieu Sth2 and Warden 13
      • Hello Strive. Salomon (and Atomic & Armada) have gone all in on Strive and have retired the Sth2 and Warden bindings. The sister companies are sure the low center of gravity and better steering the Strive offers will win over the Driver toe diehards. To hedge their bets they are offering the Strive 16 MN in a 747 throwback motif to keep the loyalists at bay. I know I am happy.
  • Volkl
    • Auf Wiedersehen Deacon Collection
      • Hello Peregrine Collection
    • Peregrine, as in Falcon, has taken over for the Deacons with a mixed collection of carry over constructions in the narrow skis and the V-Werks. All new models appear in an 80 and 82 which will be the focus of the collection. Where some brands have been concentrating on making skis more accessible, it feels like Volkl actually went the other way and added some horsepower to the old Deacons and is making a no compromise 80 and 82. Good on them.
    • Auf Wiedersehen Kendo/Katana
      • absorbed by the Mantra Collection.
    • It’s now Mantra 24/7 as in a Mantra collection in 88, 96, 102 and 108. Gone are the K skis. The Kanjo has no replacement moving forward, the Kendo is now the Mantra 88, and the Katana is now the Mantra 108. These are the same skis as we have come to love but with just a new name and graphics.
    • Auf Wiedersehen Kenja/Yumi
      • absorbed by the Secret Collection
    • Like the Mantra name expanding over a collection, so has the Secret. We already had the Secret 96 and 102, now their skinnier siblings, the Yumi and Kenja, are also now Secrets- the Secret 82 and Secret 88.
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Glad i just snagged a new pair of the Dalbello Panterra 120s! curios to see whats replacing these. been my boot of choice since they came out .
will agree that the Panterra 130 is hard to put on and take off but i never thought they looked "ungainly"!
I was a devotee of Dalbello cabrio boots until I purchased K2 Diverge LT with its removeable tongue. I think the fourth buckle on the Panterra was just to adjust the width of the boot.
The Kastle Paragon fattie is a 107, not 108.
I would also add an au revoir to Dynastar M-Free 118, to be replaced with M-Free 112.

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