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Press Release: Trek releases all-new Fuel EXe e-mountain bike


Trek’s all-new Fuel EXe is here to redefine eMTB with natural, quiet assist that lets riders get more out of every ride.

[Waterloo, WI] – Trek has launched the all-new Fuel EXe e-mountain bike today, championing a whole new category in the mountain bike world. While other electric bikes chase more power and bigger batteries, Fuel EXe is refined with mid-level assist from a system that’s so compact, light and quiet, it’s barely noticeable. It effortlessly blends in with the trail for a more natural assisted riding experience than ever before. Fuel EXe is the dream ride for e-mountain bikers who crave a quieter experience and traditional mountain bike hold-outs who were waiting for a better e-mountain bike.


Trek has partnered with German robotics manufacturer TQ to develop Fuel EXe hand-in-hand with their new HPR50 motor. Short for harmonic pin ring transmission, the HPR50 forgoes noisy belts and gears that can wear out, in favour of a refined system that is smaller, lighter, quieter and more durable than traditional e-bike motors. The entire system weighs in at only 3,900 grams, which means a lighter bike that rides more like traditional mountain bikes. Compared to traditional e-mountain bike motors, the HPR50 feels smooth, natural and is barely audible. Rather than hearing the whine of a motor, riders get to experience the wind through trees, tyres on dirt and the hoots and cheers of friends.

Fuel EXe is equipped with a 360-watt hour battery that provides plenty of power for two to five hours of riding. The battery is neatly concealed in the downtube and can be easily removed for travel. For those looking to ride further and longer, a 160-watt hour Range Extender fits neatly inside the bottle cage and can be added for an easy 40% increase in range.

Mounted flush into the toptube, a two-inch OLED display allows riders to see every detail they need from above, while keeping a discrete appearance from the side. A single button turns the system on and off, and toggles through riding screens. The sleek display pairs with a small and discrete handlebar remote that features two buttons to allow riders to toggle through support modes and access walk assist.

For total user tunability, Trek has developed a new Trek Central app that seamlessly connects with Fuel EXe. Trek Central allows riders to customise the tune of their motor, track activity, map rides, suggest or monitor tyre and suspension pressure and get real-time range calculations.

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 10.05.31 AM.png
Fuel EXe rolls on 29-inch wheels with 140 mm of rear travel paired with a 150 mm fork. The geometry is fine-tuned for stability on steep, high-speed descents and an efficient pedalling position for climbing. It’s also available in Project One for riders who want to customise their paint and parts.  

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It looks really nice in person.
Didn't know this thread was here. I posted most of my thoughts somewhat randomly in the mountain biking thread. Summary:

Great, smooth, near-silent power. I lowered power levels 2 and 3 so they are more useful to me.

I wish it had a wee bit more range, but I'm not small at near 200 pounds in ex-racer trim.

Motor aspect aside, the new Fuel EX is a great chassis. I worried that Trek had taken it too far in the travel area to still be a great trail bike. I was wrong, and I want one now.

If you get an annoying clicking/clacking sound that seems like it is shock/suspension related, it's probably the rear brake hose of all things, at the point of exit from the front triangle or chainstay.

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