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Press Release: Uvex/SkiTalk.com Partnership

SkiTalk is proud to announce a partnership with UVEX as the Official Helmet and Goggle Sponsor of SkiTalk’s Test Team. As SkiTalk enters its 9th year of publication, we are proud to be working closely with one of the most recognized names in head and eye protection. UVEX, the almost 100 year old brand, is known globally in every aspect of both helmet and goggle performance. Their helmets feature MIPS protection, and their goggles' magnetic interchangeable design with unparalleled field of view and patented UVEX Colorvision® create the ultimate contrast enhancement with maximum color perception in any weather, anywhere.

"We're excited to reintroduce the UVEX brand in North America, and we feel that SkiTalk is an excellent partner to help us highlight UVEX's top technologies and models,” says Brian Landrigan, Marketing Director Fischer Skis US, LLC. “Having had Lasik eye surgery, my eyes and their protection are paramount to me and I am confident of UVEX’s commitment to vision technology and safety, plus their helmets are comfortable and good looking.” adds Phil Pugliese, Owner, SkiTalk.com.

With the two year agreement, SkiTalk’s testers will be sporting UVEX’s helmets and goggles and reviewing them when they are on the slopes. SkiTalk will also be wearing UVEX sunglasses when doing other outdoor activities including golfing and mountain biking.

About UVEX:
UVEX Sports. Professional or recreational. Competition or fun. As one of the leading international manufacturers of protective products with headquarters in Fürth, Germany, we at UVEX inspire our customers everyday with groundbreaking technologies and innovative products 24/7- and almost a whole century. To achieve the best, whether in leisure, sport or work. To protect people.

About SkiTalk:
SkiTalk | Ski Reviews and Discussion Forum. Managed under the stewardship of Phil and Tricia Pugliese, two of the most respected and read reviewers and product testers in the snowsports industry. SkiTalk evolved from Pugski.com's original tag line, "SkiTalk at a higher level." Pugski.com was founded in 2015.
About author
I started skiing in the mid-70s in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania; from then on, I found myself entrenched in the industry. I have worked in various ski shops from suburban to ski town to resort, giving me a well-rounded perspective on what skiers want from their gear. That experience was parlayed into my time as a Gear Review Editor and also consulting with manufacturers as a product tester. Along with being a Masterfit-trained bootfitter I am a fully certified self proclaimed Gear Guru. Not only do I keep up with the cutting edge of ski gear technology, but I am an avid gear collector and have an extensive array of bindings as well as many vintage skis.


That orange helmet and matching goggles would look pretty nice with my orange jacket.
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