Ohhh-kay, now I think you are just trying to trick me. A car ski. Is that like blinker fluid or muffler bearings? I know we have race skis, powder skis, all-mountain skis ... but what is a car ski? No, this is not April 1: a car ski is a ski that you can keep in the car and feel confident that it will be able to conquer almost any condition the mountain can throw at it. For some of us, this might be their only ski, a “one-ski quiver”; for those of us who have a full quiver, it is the ski that always stays in the car. You will toss another pair (or two) in the back, juuuuust in case, or if you know exactly what the conditions might bring.

Now, doesn’t this contradict my piece about the Steadfast Rule, a ski that is acceptably mediocre at many things and not particularly good at one? Well, that was about a specific ski; this is more about skis that accomplish a difficult feat.

So which ski is it? Well, just as there is not a "best" ski, this varies even more with individual taste and locale. It's a 165 FIS slalom ski for some of my good friends; others choose a 95mm all-mountain ski. Me? If it’s Mt. Rose, it might be a … nice try. Seriously, imagine a faithful dog that is just happy riding along in the passenger seat while you run errands, your best buddy. That’s what this ski is. It will just be there under your feet the whole day, making every turn you expect it to make with utter and complete confidence, wagging its tail the whole time (well, until some instructor tells you to stop wagging your tails).

So, which ski can you take out and be pretty darn sure that after a few beverages at the end of the day, you can confidently quote @dean_spirito and claim the Best Day Ever?