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blizzard bonafide

  1. M

    History of the Blizzard Bonafide ?

    Hi I wanted to learn more about the Blizzard Bonafide in particular if there were changes to the design over the model years? I did google search and didn't find anything. Can someone give a brief history overview of this ski? Thanks!
  2. Four-Year Product Cycles aka When the Honeymoon Is Over

    Four-Year Product Cycles aka When the Honeymoon Is Over

    In today’s ever-evolving ski design, how does a brand keep the fickle customer happy? Skiers like shiny objects. We are always looking for the latest and greatest. A ski that was all that and a bag of chips two years ago hardly gets a mention today. Is it any less of a ski now than when it was...
  3. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2020 Blizzard Bonafide vs 2020 K2 Mindbender 99Ti

    Here is a good old-vs-new-guard Cage Match, the Blizzard Bonafide and the K2 Mindbender 99Ti. In about 2010, the Bonafide tore the torch away from the Völkl Mantra to become the reference ski in the 98mm category; it carried that torch until the golden child, Nordica Enforcer, started shining...
  4. R

    First pair of (decent) skis / boots

    Hi everyone, I'm a 5'4" (163cm) 150 lbs male, fairly athletic (build like an English bulldog). Probably a solid intermediate, average speed/aggressiveness. Easily handle blues and content in blacks that aren't super bumpy. I've been skiing for a few years now, mostly on a set of Techno Pro's...
  5. dawgcatching

    Ski blowout- Stockli and Blizzard

    Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been posting: I have barely been skiing. Too much going on in my life right now! I hope to take advantage of spring conditions once things settle down: I was supposed to ski in Tahoe last week, but Bend got buried and I couldn't make it out of town. Ah well, life...
  6. E

    Edge angle Bonafides

    I’m going to get the bases ground as I have a few base high & edge high spots on both skis. It’s time to fix it. I was going to request a 1deg base, but torn between 2 or 3 deg edge. I’ve never touched these skis (new this year). I use a 1:3 on my Brahmas. This is for use in VT in varying...
  7. SkiTalk Test Team

    2019 Blizzard

    Blizzard Firebird Competition Dimensions: 121.5-70-104 Radius: 14.5m@172cm Sizes: 154, 160, 166, 172, 178 Size tested: 172 Design: All New Drahtguy Kevin: A quick hookup and exponential energy from turn to turn make this ski an exciting and rewarding ride. Power and precision are attributes...
  8. Paul S.

    I am done with super fats unless I am cat skiing.

    I am done with Super Fats unless I am cat skiing For several years I have skied on ultra wide skis in deep powder when out west. First the Volkl Shiro and then the Rossi Super 7. I have enjoyed both skis in deep powder, as one would expect ; both skis, at one time or another, were Ski...
  9. trailtrimmer

    Advanced/Experty wide, stable and somewhat playful?

    I sent my powder skis down the river as they were un-inspiring, overly rockered flappy pieces of meh. Time to replace them with something a bit more all mountainish in the 95 to 105 realm. Skis will be used for deep days and Bohemia, but I need a little crossover ability to groomed. Needs to...
  10. Philpug

    FS: Blizzard Bonafide 180cm--SOLD

    You know the ski...not much more can be said about how it performs. This pair was originally mine, then Marcus had them for a bit, now they are home, waiting for the new owners. Obviously they have been skied but are in pretty darn good condition, I would say 7/10. They are currently drilled...
  11. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2018 Blizzard Bonafide vs 2018 Blizzard Rustler 10

    Yes, the Bonafide was a game changer for sure. It was the ski that put Blizzard's name back on the map, the ski that Bull-ied its way to the front of the class, pushed the reigning reference ski off the pedestal, and claimed, “Bring it on one and all.” Blizzard did its best to cash in on the...
  12. SkiTalk Test Team

    2018 Blizzard

    Blizzard Bonafide Dimensions: 135-98-119 Radius: 18m@180cm Sizes: 166, 173, 180, 188 Size tested: 180 Design: All New Drahtguy Kevin: A new tip and tighter radius make this perennial powerhouse better for more skiers. The carbon tip leads the ski confidently into the turn, and the same reliable...
  13. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2017 Blizzard Bonafide vs 2017 Head Monster 98

    Wallflowers need not reply to this comparison; in fact, just keep moving along. The Bonafide and Monster 98 are the two heavy hitters in this segment. I am not saying these are 11/10th skis, but they are definitely for stronger, more aggressive chargers. These two skis also have some of the...
  14. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2017 Blizzard Bonafide vs 2017 Nordica Enforcer

    Bonafide vs Enforcer The Bonafide quickly became the reference ski in 98-100mm category when it was released five years ago, and now its cousin the Enforcer wants to wrestle that title away from it. Who wins this cage match comparison? You decide. These two skis come out of the same factory and...
  15. Philpug

    2017 Blizzard Site Is Up!

    Blizzard's 2017 line of skis is up. Check out our Previews, Thumbnails, and Long-Term Tests! Long Term Test: 2017 Cochise Overview: 2017 Quattro Collection Ski Essentials: 2017 Quattro 8.0 Ski Essentials: 2017 Quattro RX Ski Essentials: 2017 Black Pearl
  16. Philpug

    Comparison Review Thumbnail Reviews: 2017 All-Mountain 90-100mm Skis

    Most manufacturers have increased their attention on other segments, but the 90-100mm class is still a bread-and-butter category. It is business as usual here, with the cream still rising to the top: Tecnica Group cousins Bonafide and Enforcer are the benchmark skis that others are trying to...
  17. Daves not here

    Love my Bonafides

    Love them on soft groomers, love them in crud, junk, bumps, leftovers - love them in up to 12 inches of pow - and everything in between!! @Philpug why didn't you tell me to get these sooner! Wait - I think you did!! ;) Not sure how these (2016 Version) compare to the previous years ... but...
  18. dawgcatching

    Comparison Review 2016 Blizzard Bonafide vs. Fischer Motive 95; Scott's take

    2016 Blizzard Bonafide vs. Fischer Motive 95 Funky firm off-piste and groomer review! I had a chance to really put both of these skis through their paces last spring. Conditions were firm and odd off-piste: re-freeze, lumpy snow, some windblown in the steeps. Groomers were mostly firm to...