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amer sports

  1. Tony S

    Salomon Skis Factory

    I happened to be glancing at a pair of Salomon skis and was very surprised to see "Made in Austria" on the topsheet of this formerly very-French brand. I know they part of the same Amer Sports glob as Atomic, etc. However, I had thought that they were still fundamentally a French operation...
  2. R

    Amer Sports Being Sold to Chinese

    This will include Arc'teryx, Atomic, Salomon, among others...
  3. Philpug

    Chinese Investor Consortium Reaches Agreement To Acquire Amer Sports

    From SGBMedia: A consortium led by China’s Anta Sports made an offer to acquire Finland’s Amer Sports in a deal that values the company at €4.6 billion (US$5.23 billion) and Amer’s board is recommending shareholders approve the offer. The consortium plans to operate Amer Sports independently...
  4. Mendieta

    Salomon gets $5.5 Billion Bid by Anta Sports

    According to Bloomberg News, Salomon gets $5.5 Billion Bid. From the article: Perhaps it is not all that surprising!