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arapahoe basin ski area

  1. Core2

    Boulder, CO Man Charged With Theft of 74 Pairs of Skis From Ski Resorts

    I've always thought if I were to be a petty criminal the racks of free skis would be a good target. Have to wonder how many of these guys are roaming around the front range? https://snowbrains.com/boulder-man-theft-74-pairs-skis/
  2. jmeb

    Colorado Arapahoe Basin Is NOW a Free Agent (8/2/19 Update: A-Basin has joined IKON)

    “We are very proud of how wonderful Arapahoe Basin has become from the unparalleled skiing and riding to the incredible scenery. With diverse ski runs including some of the most intense terrain in North America and a culinary operation that is regularly listed among the top ten in the country...
  3. oswaldr2

    Colorado Arapahoe Basin Impending Free Agency

    As many of you know, Arapahoe Basin is set to become a free agent after this 2018/2019 ski season ends. What are your predictions for what they will do? Any suggestions that might help them make their decision easier?
  4. Philpug

    18-19 Season - How many days so far?

    An all new year another counting of the ski days. I am sure that some have their days from Wolf Creek to add but with A-Basin and Mt. Rose opening on Friday...we should see a flurry of posts. Don't forget to keep track over on Slopesquad too.
  5. SkiNurse

    Colorado 2018-2019 T.I.T.S (Tuesdays In The Snow)

    The race is on! New snow means new season. Headed up to Loveland and Abasin to pick up my passes today and the staff at both places are stoked! Abasin says they are looking at NEXT weekend (not this weekend) with date to be announced.
  6. Nancy Hummel

    Snow in Colorado!

    Just drove from Glenwood Springs to Denver through a fairly decent snowstorm. Let’s hope this is a good sign for the season.
  7. Tricia

    12th Annual A-Basin for Mother's Day

    Hey Look! Not there. There! We're getting our ducks in a row. We've gotta get back. It's time to get your beach attire ready. Whatever that beach attire may be .... There are cornices to be conquered. Don't flip out. Get prepared! Get your skis waxed ... Start practicing for...
  8. S

    Slightly puzzling article about ABasin's backcountry terrain

    http://theknow.denverpost.com/2017/11/09/arapahoe-basin-steep-expert-terrain/165704/ Soooooo, I'm just going to leave this here, while I go bang my head on the wall. (With the caveat that sometimes things are changed or otherwise screwed up during the editing process, but really she should be...
  9. M

    October, October, October !!! Ski Streak may stall at 144

    Another extremely warm Fall, probably record breaking in the East. It's fricking +22c on October 22 (72F) in Ottawa, average temp is +10c... A few hours of snowmaking at Killington, Sunday River and St-Sauveur back on October 17. The cold weather window in the long-range forecast keeps being...
  10. Sandy_NYC

    Colorado Arapahoe-Basin First to Open

    It’s official! Arapahoe Basin is the first mountain to open this season. They announced that they will open THIS Friday, October 13th. Their website states that there is thin cover and no beginner terrain. It says, “You should expect: hidden and unmarked obstacles, variable and thin snow...
  11. jgiddyup

    Gatherings, ESA's and Let's Go Colorado The Pictorial

    Feel free to make fun (in a good natured way) of the people and my less than lackluster photography skills. I'll match Epic and PugSki names where I remember and feel free to add or correct where I'm wrong. Good times and looking forward to more! @ex-Coal Miner, Wear The Foxhat (Stewart)...
  12. Tricia

    Colorado Arapahoe Basin's New Trail Map 2017-18

    Al's Blog features the new trail map The map can be found at the link below. This map is very specifically for the 2017/18 season and does not include the chairlift that will be installed for the 2018/19 season. For the 2017/18 season, all the areas in The Beavers and Steep Gullies require a...
  13. FairToMiddlin

    Homage to the Fixed-Grip Chair

    It’s tough to do a tribute to an existing thing, a current workhorse. Yes, we can lump fixed-grip chairs together with skinny skis, 8-tracks, my Dad’s ’64 Ford Galaxy, any number of old-tech memories. But while a lot of the things that moved or fueled our past don’t shine as brightly when we...