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  1. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison Armada Tracer 98 vs Head Kore 99

    The 98mm category is a packed one, offering many options and models with a lot of overlap. When any new collection comes out in a crowded segment, the manufacturer tries to let us know how it wants the skis presented. Some other review sites regurgitate that information, but at Pugski, we give...
  2. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 Armada Tracer 108 Review

    This week on Chairlift Chat we take a closer look at the 2019 Armada Tracer 108! Has anyone been on these skis? Very fun, super versatile, would make a great AT ski!
  3. Mendieta

    Salomon gets $5.5 Billion Bid by Anta Sports

    According to Bloomberg News, Salomon gets $5.5 Billion Bid. From the article: Perhaps it is not all that surprising!
  4. SkiTalk Test Team

    Comparison Review 2019 Ski Reviews Are In!

    Here are links to all of the reviews we have compiled of the 2019 skis. Full List By brand:
  5. SkiTalk Test Team

    2019 Armada

    Armada Edollo Dimensions: 133-98-123 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 164, 172, 180 Size tested: 180 Design: All New dean_spirito: The 2019 Henrik Harlaut pro model isn’t exactly all new, but a few changes are worth mentioning. The Edollo is still the same 98mm twin tip that we all know and love, but...
  6. Monique

    Help me decide: Armada ARV 96 vs ARW 96, and length

    Peanut gallery, zip it! I have a coupon, so technically these would not be MSRP. (Open to old new stock, too) I really didn't expect anything to "pop" for me at the demo day. But then, that's why we demo, right? To tell our spouses we have no intention of doing anything but a little harmless...
  7. Philpug

    TRIUMPH a Tanner Hall Film

    A coming-of-age retrospective into the life of Tanner Hall.
  8. PisteOff

    Liberty Origin 116 VS. Armada ARV JJ 116

    So, I've been looking at pow skis for a long time. I might not necessarily buy a pair yet. Retirement is somewhere within the next 3-1/2 yrs. with May of 2021 being the absolute latest I will continue to work. I'm now in a position where getting out west 3-4 times a season is doable. The...
  9. Philpug

    $399, Are You Out of Your Mind?

    @Dave Petersen Artwork Another season, and another chance to get the best ski deals out there. We contemplated what to do this year: should we continue our tried-and-true Steals & Deals, or mix it up? Well, we decided to do both. In fact, the industry kinda forced our hand with a whole new...
  10. Tricia

    Tanner Hall Teaser - Triumph

    Tanner has had his ups and downs over the past few years, but he's always working on something. Dude has profound spirit
  11. Philpug

    Amer Sports purchases Armada Skis

    Amer Sports Corporation Amer Sports acquires Armada, a US ski brand Amer Sports Corporation acquires Armada, the iconic US ski brand, with annual net sales of approximately USD 10 million. The acquisition includes the Armada brand, Armada-branded products, as well as intellectual property and...
  12. Tricia

    11th Annual Mother's Day at Arapahoe Basin

    Hey Look! It's baaaaaack! It's hard to believe, but... It's time to wax It's time to get your beach attire ready Whatever your beach attire may be... Get your ShotzSki mojo on Get your dancing shoes ready for the Conga Line or perhaps some Ballet Look for the Pugski flags at the...
  13. SkiTalk Test Team

    2018 Armada

    Armada B-Dog Dimensions: 125-90-119 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 165, 172, 179 Size tested: 179 Design: Carryover/NGT dean_spirito: The brainchild of Armada team rider Phil Casabon, the B-Dog was designed specifically with his unique approach to park and urban skiing in mind. A rockered tip and...
  14. Shrink It and Pink It: What Makes a Woman's Ski Different?

    Shrink It and Pink It: What Makes a Woman's Ski Different?

    So what is it that makes a woman’s ski, a woman's ski? For some manufacturers, it is a complete change in build philosophy; for others, it is different graphics; for still others, it is that plus a forward mount point. Are any of these right or wrong? Since not all women are built the same, why...
  15. Demo fleet ready to get cleaned up for another day

    Demo fleet ready to get cleaned up for another day

  16. Dadskier

    Comparison Review Quickie Review of some 90ish to 100mm skis

    Me: 47, 5'9" 210lbs aggressive longtime skier. Place: Mt Wachusett Conditions: Spring snow, corn, ice, dirt, rocks, running water, standing water, grass, mud ... it's been in the 70s for 2 days and then poured last night. The place is looking rough. This is the annual Ride-em and Rank-em event...
  17. Philpug

    Comparison Review Thumbnail Reviews: 2017 All-Mountain 90-100mm Skis

    Most manufacturers have increased their attention on other segments, but the 90-100mm class is still a bread-and-butter category. It is business as usual here, with the cream still rising to the top: Tecnica Group cousins Bonafide and Enforcer are the benchmark skis that others are trying to...
  18. Josh Matta

    Individual Review 183cm Amarda TST - a skinny powder ski

    Reviewer Age 32 190lb 5'10 PSIA Ed Staff like it all but lives for tree skiing. Ski 183cm Amarda TST Dimensions (mm): 120-133-103-124 Radius 16.8 meter First let me see that this ski has been intriguing to me. 100mmish waist which is just about as wide as I cna go with out hurting my...