atomic bindings

  1. Philpug

    Comparison Review 2023 Salomon/Atomic/Armada Bindings

    2023 MODEL TOE HEIGHT (mm) HEEL HEIGHT (mm) SETTING RANGE WEIGHT (g/pr) STANDARD BRAKE SIZES (mm) OPTIONAL BRAKE SIZES (mm) SOLE COMPATIBILITY L10 14 16.5 3-10 1720 80, 90 70, 100, 115, 130 DIN Z10/Colt 10 14 16.5 3-10 1940 80, 90 70, 100, 115, 130 DIN Colt 12 14 16.5 4-12 2100 80, 90...
  2. Stewart

    Atomic Device Binding Question (including recall info)

    Hello! This is my first post here on Pugski, and I'm diving right in with a technical question. This section seems to be mostly tuning as it relates to waxing/sharpening, but this is more of a binding setup question. First, a fair warning about myself. I am superbly OCD when it comes to...
  3. Philpug

    Marker announces new GripWalk Partners

    MARKER INKS NEW LICENSE FOR GRIPWALK WITH ATOMIC AUSTRIA GMBH AND SALOMON SAS AND GROUPE ROSSIGNOL AS NEW GRIPWALK PARTNERS The GripWalk family welcomes these new members. The addition of Atomic and Salomon, as well as Rossignol, Lange and Look will further strengthen the leading market...
  4. Slim

    Binding recommendation?

    Hi, I’m looking for a binding suggestion, I tried reading Phil’s descriptions and other binding threads on here, but without a good knowledge of the market I have a hard time understanding the differences. Release value ~6-8, 95mm skis, BSL ~300, Grip-walk/WTR compatible...
  5. Philpug

    The New Sole of Skiing: Part 2

    @Dave Petersen Artwork A year into the evolution of the new sole designs WTR and GripWalk, the dust is starting to settle. As was discussed in The New Sole of Skiing?, it is reminiscent of the old VHS-Betamax and Blu-ray-HD DVD wars: it will come down not to what is the best design, but to who...
  6. Philpug

    2016-17 Binding Indemnification List

    Here is the compete list with all co branded labels. Other thread is closed.
  7. Philpug

    2016-17 Binding Indemnification List

    Here is Salomon/Atomic's list for 2016-17: LINK I like that Salomon is letting us know which bindings are in their last season. Also note that instead of blanketly removing all of the 9XX bindings, the all metal 916, and 920's are staying on the list. I recall talking to some of the head...