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black crows corvus

  1. ATS446

    Corvus VS Mindbender 108ti, Mantra 102, Wrenegade 102ti

    Hey friends, I’m in the market for new skis, but stuck on a decision. Hoping for some advice… Background: I’m 35, 6ft, 180lbs+ Lower level advanced skier. I like to go as fast/aggressive as my skills allow and I often push boundaries into new terrain. (I try to ski it all). I’ll ski 60+ days...
  2. J

    Recommend a powder ski for an ex-racer

    Looking for a ski recommendation to make powder days fun and help bust through choppy conditions. I'm tired of getting beaten up on my race boards on ungroomed terrain. Uses: trees and powder days Primary Location: Mt Bachelor and Mt Hood (Oregon) History: I grew up skiing on the east coast...
  3. Brice Westring

    Next skis...Black Crows?

    All Looking to get my next all mountain ski. Currently on several year old Nordica Enforcer 98mm underfoot. Love this ski but after 5 years and taking a rock all the way to the core jumping in last Spring, I think it is time to put those as the pre/late season option. I ski 1 week at...