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black mountain lodge

  1. Tricia

    What establishes the value of repurposed lift chairs?

    With the retirement of the current Pallavicini Lift, and the plan to auction off some of the chairs at various events starting with the Enduro Party on April 8th, which didn't happen. The second was to be auctioned off on April 25th at the Palli Party, which didn't happen. Two other chairs were...
  2. Tricia

    Colorado Press Release: Arapahoe Basin Goes Ikon

    IKON PASS ANNOUNCES THE ADDITION OF ARAPAHOE BASIN SKI AREA IN COLORADO FOR WINTER 2019/2020 Ikon Pass Now Offers Access to 40 Global Destinations, Six in Colorado DENVER, CO, August 2, 2019 – The Ikon Pass community continues to grow with the addition of Arapahoe Basin Ski Area in...
  3. jmeb

    Colorado Arapahoe Basin Is NOW a Free Agent (8/2/19 Update: A-Basin has joined IKON)

    “We are very proud of how wonderful Arapahoe Basin has become from the unparalleled skiing and riding to the incredible scenery. With diverse ski runs including some of the most intense terrain in North America and a culinary operation that is regularly listed among the top ten in the country...