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  1. SkiTalk's 2022 Ski Reviews Are Up And How The Testing Shook Out

    SkiTalk's 2022 Ski Reviews Are Up And How The Testing Shook Out

    How the 2022 Testing Shook Out ... You Know … Due to Covid Yes, the long-awaited 2022 SkiTalk Reviews are up, about 200 skis in total. In the past year, ski testing took on a new dimension, due to Covid. It was announced early on that there would not be any on-snow industry demo shows, the...
  2. J

    So...picked up a pair of Bomber Skis what bindings.

    Picked up a new pair of 2016 Bomber Warriors cheap The ski is a 182 cm with a 124 77 110 profile, now the question is what bindings......Thinking I should maybe put a race plate on them, but not sure if I want to stiffen them up (already have plenty of race skis). I just feel with the the...
  3. LiquidFeet

    PSA: Hart skis on sale, also some Blossoms

    Just ran across this elsewhere, thought some here might find it interesting. Very low prices.
  4. Dakine

    Kicked my Kastle Habit.....Blossom White Out

    I started the season with a new knee and wondering if I could ski. Things are working very well so I decided to upgrade the fleet. Now that the season is over, I'm looking at two pair of Blossom White Outs. One at 170 with a 10mm Marker Piston Plate and Excel 16 bindings. One at 175 with a 14 mm...
  5. kitchener

    Progression from Kastle MX88s?

    Ran a lot of searches and I know who a lot of the heavy hitters are out there, but sometimes, the frame of reference for these recommendations is western packed powder and off-piste, versus my own frame of reference, which is Mid-Atlantic Ice Coast, and one to two weeks out west (for packed...
  6. Tony S

    Austrian in an Italian Suit: Blossom Follow Me SL - Video Review

    My pure hard-snow ski this season has been a pair of Blossom SLs I got at an excellent price from @Brian Finch. (Ditto for the blue print parka in the appended pics. If Brian gets hit by the beer truck my gear situation is gonna deteriorate quickly.) They are a couple, three years old, but they...
  7. Philpug

    Comparison Review 2017 Tester's Choice PREMIUM

    The Premiums. Go pour a couple of fingers of your favorite brown liquor and let's get started. We hold the skis here to a higher level, just as we hold a fine European automotive label to a higher expectation. Although numbers like flex and sidecut are similar to those of mortal skis, built for...
  8. Tricia

    Comparison Review Tricia's Thumbnail Reviews: Sub-90mm Skis, 2016-17

    This is an area that I am really excited about. We had a few years of lean snow in the Tahoe area, which inspired clicking into skis that are leaner and meaner. Let's face it, when the cold smoke runs out and gives way to cream cheese and corduroy, the weapon of choice falls smack dab in the...
  9. FairToMiddlin

    Comparison Review A Layman's Look at the 2016-17 SIA Demo Days at Copper

    This year gave us a new opportunity at SIA, a "not exactly sure what we will be testing” opportunity. In 2014, we knew we would be on hard-snow skis. In 2015, we knew we would be on soft-snow skis. For 2016, conditions ended up putting us on every kind of ski, from 68 to 112 mm underfoot (I...
  10. SkiNurse

    Comparison Review SkiNurse's Thumbnail Reviews: On Snow at SIA, 2016-17 Skis

    I learned last year at SIA that I prefer skis 155 to 161 cm long and no more than 106 mm wide. Phil and Tricia had certain skis they wanted me to demo, but unfortunately many manufacturers did not bring skis in my size. Atomic Vantage X 95cti Dimensions:130-95-115 Radius: [email protected] Size...
  11. Philpug

    Comparison Review Thumbnail Reviews: 2017 Narrow (Sub-80mm) Skis

    This the first of many overviews of the upcoming 2017 ski offerings. These purpose-built designs want to be on firm snow and skied primarily on edge. After you buy one of these skis, and before it even touches the snow, give it some proper attention in the form of an aggressive tune. By this I...
  12. Philpug

    The Ultra Premium Ski Thread

    We have the Indies, why not a thread about the premiums? Where many of the Indies are based here in the states, the Premiums tend to come from overseas and many have a comma in their price and some have more than one digit to the left of that comma. We will start with a few names but not...