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  1. What I learned about Boot Fitting and why I did it.

    What I learned about Boot Fitting and why I did it.

    So, what else does a retired veterinarian do with his/her free time? In my case I decided to attend Masterfit University and start to learn boot fitting. All of us on Skitalk know the importance of good fitting ski boots. We know that there is expertise involved. Some wonder how much science is...
  2. Sibhusky

    Bootfitter near or in Missoula?

    Does anyone have a recommendator for a bootfitter in Missoula? Don't give me the name of a shop. Or a guy who sold you boots that you replaced in two years. I'm looking for a real fitter, not a salesman. Asking for a friend.
  3. S

    Fischer Ranger Free 120 - Shell customizable?

    Looking at getting the Fischer Ranger Free 120 for sidecountry laps. Fit is "almost" good but looks like I'll need a punch out at the side of my big toe and maybe on the outside of the heel. Does the Grilamid shell support this? I can't seem to find any info on it online. Also, if anybody is...
  4. Noodler

    PSA: The Skier's Manifesto is going away

    If you have ever read any of David MacPhail's posts on his blog The Skier's Manifesto, note that his latest post states that he will delete the entire site in the next few days. While I haven't always agreed with everything David has posted, he has explored some very interesting areas of gear...
  5. CrystalRose

    Numb toes - Boots too small?

    So a couple of weeks ago I had my first boot fitting. My left foot measures at 28 and the right at 27.5, I measured my last at 95 mm. I was trying on 27.5 boots. Towards the middle of my fitting I had particular boot on for over 30 minutes and I asked to try it on in a 26.5. Very tight! I can...
  6. Philpug

    Why You Should Attend Masterfit's Bootfitting Workshop has partnered with Masterfit University to give our members and followers access to their world-class bootfitting workshops. For less than $250 (with a 5% Pugski discount), you can learn the essentials of bootfitting in one day in Masterfit U's Associates course. You can also attend...
  7. S

    Nordica Doberman - too tight?

    I have a pair of Dobermann's that unless I warm them up with a hair dryer I can't get them on or off. They have the lace up liners. I have tried putting the liner on outside of the boot, inside, with laces, without. The only way to get them on is to warm them up otherwise the stiff plastic...
  8. Philpug

    The Numbers Game: Boots, Part 3

    I touched on this in Part 2, but why do boots get more expensive as they get stiffer? Well, often the quality of the materials is higher, but it's not that stiffer plastic is more expensive or more rare, just that it is worth more in a 130-flex boot than in a 110. A stiffer boot is more...
  9. Pete in Idaho

    Current Liners in New Shells. Can it, should it be done?

    OK Heres the story or start of a boot thread. Good analogy Phil back in the day I owned a 356 Porsche and replaced the seats. In over 50 yrs of skiing I finally came up with a boot formula that was absolutely perfect. SO... had a pair of Lange Superblasters 26.5 102mm last, 310mm length...
  10. Philpug

    Holes in product lines, "If only...."

    In trying to help @Mendieta pick out skis for his son and thinking "If only Volkl offered the Yumi in a men's model..." What ski, boot, binding you feel are missing from a line? I am not askiing abotu fabricating something that does not exist but where a manufacturer has a hole and it could be...
  11. Philpug

    2017 Boots: What Are Your Questions?

    Boots are not as cut and dry as ski and bindings. We very well will still say you have to see a fitter without seeing your foot. But we still might be able to discern differences between model to model annd flex to flex. I will start by saying, there is not such thing any more as a "Lange (or...
  12. Tony Warren

    Boot Canting and Balancing

    My life changed in 1972 when I got a pair of Henke Strato boots with foam injected liners. The boot tech canted my boots, a lot. My skiing improved instantly. What do others think about canting? Inside the boot or outside? What about custom insoles? Special liners like Intuition? Fore and aft...
  13. Nancy Hummel

    Lange RS130

    Several people I ski with have noticed a difference in stiffness in the 2011/12 Lange RS130's and the 2014/15 Lange RS130's. Anyone have any knowledge of this? Fact? Fiction? Reasons? Thanks.
  14. David Koblas

    Blame the boot - or not?

    This has come up a few times with both my students and friends/family. The discussion goes something like this: My turns suck because my boot is "insert quote here": Too tight Doesn't flex Too loose My heel slips ...etc...etc.. While there are very clear cases where a boot can cause problems...
  15. Zipfit Svenfit Liner

    Zipfit Svenfit Liner

  16. Tom K.

    Warm Feet Needed for Wife!

    Tecnica Cochise W100 boots that fit her very well, after a fair bit of boot fitting slopeside at Sun Valley (Pete Lane's). Three buckles, power strap instead of fourth buckle, walk mode. She skis very well in these boots, but as we both age, she is fighting cold feet more and more, to the...
  17. Philpug

    Boot heaters. You learn something every day.

    I have installed many of boot heaters over the years and there are many schools of thoughts on how to run the wires along with where to put the batteries. I mostly use Hotronics and my installations tend to be on the powerstrap verses the rear spine of the boot. I chose it use the powerstrap...