compare and contrast skis

  1. PisteOff

    Liberty Origin 116 VS. Armada ARV JJ 116

    So, I've been looking at pow skis for a long time. I might not necessarily buy a pair yet. Retirement is somewhere within the next 3-1/2 yrs. with May of 2021 being the absolute latest I will continue to work. I'm now in a position where getting out west 3-4 times a season is doable. The...
  2. Slim

    Wider ski > more OR less effort?

    Hi, My wife is looking for new skis. We ski CO for 8 days each year, hopefully a few days in UT too this winter. Live in MN, ski the 'hot pow' in spring at Lutsen. We started skiing as adults, never raced, so her style is smooth and easy, not hard charging. Take lessons in bumps every year...
  3. Kurt

    Head Supershape i.Rally vs Stöckli Laser AX for Level 2

    I am new to and was on Epic for some time; wealth of information, I hope I can give back somehow this season. I need new skis for an upcoming BASI Level 2 instructors course. I have read the various reviews of the Head Rally and Stöckli AX and both sound like great fun with the...
  4. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison Cage Match Comparisons--Index

    Artwork by @Dave Petersen After reviewing skis for for a decade and a half, we have found many ways to pass along our interpretations. One of the most common questions we get is to compare one ski directly against another; usually they are two similar skis but sometimes they are completely...