1. Battle of the Premium 80mm Skis: Part Deux

    Review: Battle of the Premium 80mm Skis: Part Deux

    The category of premium 80mm skis always impresses. Last year we talked about the Augment All Mountain 77, DPS Alchemist 79, and Renoun Atlas 80 along with the reference ski Stöckli Laser AX. We also discussed some other considerations if you would like to revisit the previous article. For...
  2. Idahosnow

    Demo Day Sun Valley

    Sun Valley Demo Day: Me: 5’8” 170 lbs. Upper intermediate skier. Like to ski fast, short and long turns 60/40 groomers. Conditions: Mostly groomers with snow starting to soften. No recent fresh snow. Each ski was taken on one top to bottom run (over 3k vert) with bumps on the sides...