1. Kulkea OTRmost Hydration Backpack

    Review: Kulkea OTRmost Hydration Backpack

    It is our experience that Kulkea makes some of the best-built, most durable, and smartest designed bags on the market, and the OTRmost Hydration Backpack continues that tradition. Leave it to Kulkea to take an established design -- the hiking and biking daypack -- and reinvent it. Not only did...
  2. Philpug

    2019 Bike Season - How many days so far?

    The Cycling Edition. Since I didn't get out to ski today...because I was watching The Masters and by the time I needed a break from Pugski work and I could take a was too late to head to the hill, so the only option was to take out the bike for it's maiden summer jaunt. It took me a...
  3. Philpug

    Welcome to the world of cycling

    For some this is an off season sport, for others, they are thinking about their two wheel passion 13 months out of the year. We will get the cycling threads moved over ASAP.