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  1. Tricia

    Reports from the Floor Outdoor Retailer 2020

    @Philpug and I arrived in Denver last night, picked up our credentials and took a sneak peek while exhibitors were setting up. We're hitting the ground running this morning and will be reporting from the floor. Stay tuned. *when this thread is opens this morning, the other two threads will...
  2. coskigirl

    Silvercar Rental - Audi Quattro

    I've seen this operation which operates out of Fine Parking in Denver and finally remembered to look it up. As it turns out, it's a pretty reasonable rental car service that rents only Audi Quattro vehicles. They offer free add on of ski racks and car seats and state their tires meet local...
  3. Nathanvg

    Airports to avoid

    For years I have avoided most regional airports. While regional airports can work great, when things go wrong it's a pretty horrible experience with long delays, major extra costs and sometimes canceled trips altogether. Recently, I became aware of government data on exactly how bad each...
  4. Started at 53

    2026 Winter Olympics

    Where will they be? There was talk a while back that SLC was the likely location when a couple of European cities unofficially said no thanks. Thoughts?
  5. Tricia

    SIA 2018: What Are Your Questions?

    @Philpug, @Tim Flanagan of Ski Gear TV, and I will be on the floor at Outdoor Retialer/SIA January 25, 26, 27th. This is your opportunity to tell us what questions you want us to ask the leaders in the industry. We have several Facebook Lives in mind and will be asking the questions that you...
  6. Philpug

    All Things SIA 2014 - Denver

    Here are some pictures from the 2014 SIA Show
  7. Philpug

    All Things SIA 2013 - Denver

    Some shots from the SIA show, 2013
  8. Philpug

    All Things SIA 2012 - Denver

    Here are pictures from the 2012 show.
  9. Dave Petersen

    All Things SIA 2011 - Denver

    All Things SIA 2011 Chris Davenport below- photos by dave petersen
  10. Dave Petersen

    All Things Gart Brothers

    All Things Gart Brothers Gart Brothers Catalog I used to send away for a lot of catalogs and brochures as a kid.
  11. The Displaced Skier

    The Displaced Skier

    Getting ready for the season when your home mountain is not near home I was lucky enough to spend a winter living in Denver before moving back to the East Coast a few years ago. While my heart is in the mountains, the rest of me (and my family) isn't quite there yet; while my mailing address is...