1. SkiTalk's 2022 Ski Reviews Are Up And How The Testing Shook Out

    SkiTalk's 2022 Ski Reviews Are Up And How The Testing Shook Out

    How the 2022 Testing Shook Out ... You Know … Due to Covid Yes, the long-awaited 2022 SkiTalk Reviews are up, about 200 skis in total. In the past year, ski testing took on a new dimension, due to Covid. It was announced early on that there would not be any on-snow industry demo shows, the...
  2. T

    Fischer ranger 107 thoughts

    Would it be crazy to put a shift binding on the Fischer Ranger 107 TI ski for side county/short tours? I have a lighter setup for longer tours and a health quiver of resort skis. I was thinking the 189(but possibly the 182) length with a shift might be a good travel setup as well, seems like it...
  3. S

    Fischer Ranger Free 120 - Shell customizable?

    Looking at getting the Fischer Ranger Free 120 for sidecountry laps. Fit is "almost" good but looks like I'll need a punch out at the side of my big toe and maybe on the outside of the heel. Does the Grilamid shell support this? I can't seem to find any info on it online. Also, if anybody is...
  4. N

    Tecnica Mach1 130 LV vs Fischer RC4 The Curv 130 Vacuum

    Hi everybody! My first post here, been reading for a while now. Thanks for all the info I scouted for free! Anyway, could somebody do a comparison of these two boots? I understand it sounds silly to ask is boot A better than B but her's the backstory... I already had Tecnica Mach1 130 LV (R...
  5. WhiskySnowy

    Descision Help - Fischer RC4 The Curv Ti - Head Supershape i.Magnum - Atomic Redster X7

    Hey guys, let me give you some backstory I'm 15 but im 6'4" and about 210. I've been renting skis for ages because I am still growing However, i think that it is about time that i get myself a pair of skis. My ski buddy is in the Jiminy Peak Race Team, and I took his skiing style and i have...
  6. udailey

    JSkis, Fischer Motive/Ranger, Elan Amphibio

    I mainly ski frontside. My kids take me into tracked out trees and scare me to death because I cant maneuver fast enough and the bumps are closer together than my skis are long. I love to tear down an unpopulated groomed run and I keep attempting black bumps but they win everytime so far. We ski...
  7. dawgcatching

    Dawgcatching's 2017 Preseason Order Discounts

    Hi everyone: If anyone is interested in doing a 2018 preseason on skis, let me know. I can offer 15% off any preseason order (non-refundable deposit required) and an additional $75 off any binding in stock. Included are free mounting and shipping. This includes any of the skis these companies...
  8. Tricia

    Comparison Review Tricia's 2018 Thumbnail Reviews: 74+mm Skis

    Now that you've read about my thoughts on skinny skis in the Sub-73mm reviews, it's time to give the wider skis some attention. Armada Trace 98 Dimensions: 130-98-121 Radius: [email protected] Size tested: 172 Design: All New This new lineup from Armada, which features its crystal mesh, is one of...
  9. Dave Petersen

    All Things Dynafit, Humanic

    All Things Dynafit, Humanic Dynafit Ski Boots, Humanic Ski Boots SKI Oct. 1975
  10. Dave Petersen

    All Things Fischer

    All Things Fischer Fischer Skis and Ski Boots SKIING Nov. 1985
  11. Erik Timmerman

    Individual Review Fischer Ranger Jr

    A quality ski for Tween sized skiers is hard to find. Constructions and shapes can be all over the map. My 10 year-old prefers skiing in our ski school program instead of racing, so she needs a true one ski quiver as there is no telling what she will get from one day to the next and one coach to...