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  1. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 Head Kore 99 Review

    This week on Chairlift Chat we take a closer look at the new 2019 Head Kore 99. It's definitely a valuable addition to the Kore collection and its performance feels slightly different than the other models. Check out our thoughts and if you've been on a pair, let us know what you think!
  2. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored Scott Sports Brand Highlight - Tons of New Gear!

    We just expanded our product selection from Scott Sports! This week on Chairlift Chat we walk you through the brand, their history, and highlight some of the new gear you'll find on As always, if you're looking to place an order, reach out to us for a potential PugSki...
  3. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 K2 Brand Preview

    K2 is one of those brands that just keeps producing high quality skis that are really fun to ride, and 2019 is certainly no exception. This week on Chairlift Chat we walk you through their collection for the upcoming ski season! You'll find results on a lot of their skis in our 2019 ski test...
  4. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 Kästle FX 95 HP Review

    This week on Chairlift Chat we take a closer look at the 2019 Kästle FX 95 HP, discuss why it has such a high price tag, compare it to some similar skis, and more. Right now we have both the 2019 graphic available as well as the 2017, which is discounted over $500! Of course, if you're...
  5. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 Salomon Ski Preview

    Wondering what Salomon has in store for 2019? This week on Chairlift Chat we walk you through their ski collection for the upcoming season.
  6. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 Nordica Women's Santa Ana Collection

    This week on Chairlift Chat we take a closer look at the 2019 Nordica women's Santa Ana collection and discuss how they differ from the men's Enforcer models. Are there any PugSkiers on Santa Anas? What do you think? Are there any women here that ski the Enforcers? Any men that ski the Santa...
  7. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 Liberty V-92 Review

    Hopefully you saw our article back in January announcing that we picked up Liberty. If you missed it, we picked up Liberty! They have some exciting stuff happening for 2019, including this V-92. Drastically different construction than we've ever seen from Liberty, and they've never had skis...
  8. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 Rossignol Experience 94 Ti Review

    Here's our review of the new 2019 Rossignol Experience 94 Ti! This is the widest and stiffest ski in the completely redesigned Experience collection. It's also a new contender in the growing low-mid-90-mm all mountain category. We'll continue to release 2019 ski review through the spring and...
  9. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2019 Nordica Enforcer 93 Review

    This week on Chairlift Chat we take a closer look at the Nordica Enforcer 93. While the ski remains unchanged for the 2019 season, except for a graphics update, we expect it to remain among the most popular all mountain skis on the market. It has arguably helped inspire more emphasis on the...
  10. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2018 Ski Test - Behind the Scenes

    Hey PugSkiers! We've had a lot of questions and comments about our ski test, so we decided to put together a little "Behind the Scenes" article. Although not featured in the video, @Philpug and @Tricia made an appearance! We're already looking forward to the 2019 Ski Test, which we plan on...
  11. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2018 Rossignol Experience 88 HD Review

    Hey PugSkiers! It's been a little while since our last full length 2018 ski review, but we're kicking things back off with the 2018 Rossignol Experience 88 HD. No structural changes to this ski from 2017 to 2018, but we didn't do a full review of it last season and wanted to take some time to...
  12. SkiEssentials

    Top 5 Fridays - Weekly Ski Industry News

    The week's ski industry news: Denver and Salt Lake City considering 2026 Olympic Bid, pondering the past and future of the NSAA, Freeride World Tour announces 2018 schedule, Hyperloop One possibly coming to the Denver I-70 corridor, multiple edits of the week, and more! Click the image above...
  13. SkiEssentials Deal of the Week

    Hey PugSki members! We've started a new program on where we highlight a specific product that we have at a crazy good price every week. We thought we'd start a thread here that we'll keep updated with the current deal of the week. As usual, if you're thinking of making a...
  14. Jwrags

    SkiEssentials Rocks!

    Ordered some new skis and boots for my son last week from They mounted them up and got them cross country in record time. Put some wax on them last night and took the boys up to Mt. Hood today for skiing in the blizzard. Lots of fresh tracks with refills to be had. My son...