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  1. Giro Orbit Spherical® Shield Helmet

    Review: Giro Orbit Spherical® Shield Helmet

    Last Spring, @dbostedo reviewed the Giro Orbit Spherical helmet here. Fast forward to now. Having been intrigued by visor helmets, I convinced Giro to send another one for me to review. Whereas last years's helmet was disproportionately large, the medium Giro sent was right on for sizing. One of...
  2. Daves not here

    Need (want) a new helmet

    Looking for a good lower profile helmet. Currently have a 7 year old Giro. Wife just got a new Smith Variance (I think) and she loves it better than her old Giro. Smith, new Giro, Scott, Solly??? What should I be looking for that keeps me warm and is low profile. I have Oakley goggles if...