giro ski helmets

  1. Giro Orbit Spherical® Shield Helmet

    Review: Giro Orbit Spherical® Shield Helmet

    Last Spring, @dbostedo reviewed the Giro Orbit Spherical helmet here. Fast forward to now. Having been intrigued by visor helmets, I convinced Giro to send another one for me to review. Whereas last years's helmet was disproportionately large, the medium Giro sent was right on for sizing. One of...
  2. skidrew

    Helmet replacement - how often?

    How often should one replace a ski helmet? Obviously if you whack it good or crash badly you replace. Or if it gets really nasty from use. I'm asking about replacement just for aging - does the protection "decay"? (Also, not trying to start a debate on helmet worth - for this question assume...
  3. TonyPlush

    Has anyone successfuly fixed fogging goggles with a new helmet?

    So I was looking into new helmets, and I came across some promotional materials for Giro helmets. They mentioned some testing which said the majority of warm air from goggles escapes through the top of the goggle, and so they've placed two big vents on the front of the helmet to help minimize...