hart skis

  1. Philpug

    World Cup Mogul Skiing equipment.

    Is there more equipment domination in a sport than there is in mogul skiing? IDone skis, Look Pivot bindings and Full Tilt boots. Yes, there are some Shaman, Rossignol and Hart skis, some occasional overlap boots but almost every competitor is running Look Pivots.
  2. James

    Is hart on life support?

    I went to hart's website recently. Same sale as last season, same things available. But their new skis are by order only. And it looks like it's just their mogul skis. Quote: ------- Important Ordering Information: This year we will be offering the world's best mogul skis by pre-order only...
  3. Dave Petersen

    All Things Munari

    All Things Munari Munari Ski Boots
  4. Philpug

    The Ultra Premium Ski Thread

    We have the Indies, why not a thread about the premiums? Where many of the Indies are based here in the states, the Premiums tend to come from overseas and many have a comma in their price and some have more than one digit to the left of that comma. We will start with a few names but not...
  5. Bill Talbot

    Show me your Retro Displays

    I'll break the ice and give a little hint of things to come here in our new digs... Now I know you guys and gals have stuff too.... show me whacha got!