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heated ski boot bag

  1. T

    Replacement Heating Element for Heated Boot Bag

    The 110VAC heating element in my wife's Hot Gear Ajax Bag skigear.us is dead. I took the slider switch apart and bypassed the switch with jumper wires and no go, it won't heat. My guess is that there is a thermostat in the heating element itself which feedsbacks to the switch to prevent...
  2. Drahtguy Kevin

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag

    A heated boot bag is a piece of gear that you don’t realize you need until you use one. I first started using a heated bag about five years ago and couldn’t function without one now. Warm boots are one of life’s pleasures. My first heated bag is tattered, torn, and in shambles. It served me well...
  3. LKLA

    Heated Boot Bag

    Has anyone bought one of those heated boot bags - would welcome to hear your experience. I would like to get one that has a battery - that will heat the boots for an hour or two once unplugged. Thnx
  4. SKI-3PO


    Yesterday I got myself some Zipfit liners (Gara model). My current shells/liners have well over 100 days on them now at this point. After in injury in them 2 season ago and last season where I really noticed that the liners seemed packed out, I figured I had to do something. I've never been in...