1. 2023 Kastle K130P Ski Boot

    Preview: 2023 Kastle K130P Ski Boot

    I have been able to spend a few days in the new Kästle K130P ski boot. The K130P is Kästle’s top of the line non race collection boot. They are also offering two 91.5 mm last full bore race models, K 130R and K150R. Kästle, as a brand, is looking to be a full line company, and to do that you...
  2. Battle of the Premium 80mm Skis: Part Deux

    Review: Battle of the Premium 80mm Skis: Part Deux

    The category of premium 80mm skis always impresses. Last year we talked about the Augment All Mountain 77, DPS Alchemist 79, and Renoun Atlas 80 along with the reference ski Stöckli Laser AX. We also discussed some other considerations if you would like to revisit the previous article. For...
  3. A

    Kastle PX71 anyone ?

    Hi, Anyone had a chance to test Kastle PX71 ? My question is whether Kastle PX71 could be a good choice to help improving my carving. I've been presented a pair of Kastle PX71 ski, just little used. As not very experienced skier, I tried to find a review of what kind of ski it is and...
  4. I

    Which bindings for the Kastle MX84?

    I just purchased a flat pair of MX84s in the 176cm length. This is my first time choosing bindings and I really don't know what factors to consider. I'd love it if someone knowledgable could point me in the right direction and clear up some of the confusion. Kastle says the K12 TRI GW bindings...
  5. Jim Ward

    Mount point for MX 84?

    Greetings, looking at the side of my new MX 84's I see 9/176 1039432 followed by a vertical line with a triangle on its side pointing at the line. I an assuming that is the mid point? Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  6. Dakine

    Can anyone identify this Kastle plate...?

    I'm retiring my beloved first gen Kastle RX skis but I'm thinking of reusing the plate and bindings. These were purchased used several years ago and came with a unique plates system for the KTI-14 bindings. A long time ago on Epic someone identified this plate as German made but I cannot...
  7. Tricia

    Reports from the Floor Outdoor Retailer 2020

    @Philpug and I arrived in Denver last night, picked up our credentials and took a sneak peek while exhibitors were setting up. We're hitting the ground running this morning and will be reporting from the floor. Stay tuned. *when this thread is opens this morning, the other two threads will...
  8. Mike King

    Kastle Returns to the World Cup

    No doubt, I'm a Kastle fanboy and this announcement gave me some joy. Kastle is undergoing a pretty radical expansion at the moment. Hopefully it will not turn out to be overly ambitious... Comeback in the alpine ski racing scene after 22 years. Dutch ski racer, Adriana Jelinkova, will be...
  9. Philpug

    Comparison Review Ultra-Premium Ski Reviews: Kästle Supra and Bomber Pro Terrain

    When Kästles, Stöcklis, and Renouns become commonplace, it is time to elevate your options. I was invited to the Mudroom at Caldera House in Jackson Hole to test out Kästle’s Limited Edition 93mm Supra and Bomber’s new 84mm 50/50 ski, the Pro Terrain. The Mudroom’s manager, Gov Carrigan, made...
  10. dawgcatching

    Ski blowout- Stockli and Blizzard

    Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been posting: I have barely been skiing. Too much going on in my life right now! I hope to take advantage of spring conditions once things settle down: I was supposed to ski in Tahoe last week, but Bend got buried and I couldn't make it out of town. Ah well, life...
  11. M

    Going to Breckenridge - Stockli or Kastle Demo Shop?

    newbie here... Headed to Breck on Friday & already called several shops looking to demo either of these brands....to no avail. Anyone know of a Stockli shop in the area? Or Kastle? Would love to demo AX and SR88. Thanks for the help? Stephen
  12. Philpug

    Kästle Announces Largest Model Line Increase Since 2007

    Kästle Announces Largest Model Line Increase Since 2007 Powered by new technology, storied Austrian manufacturer to introduce 15 new models for 2019-20 January 29, 2019 (Vail, Colo.) – Kästle will introduce 15 new skis for winter 2019-20 featuring all- new TRI TECH and HOLLOWTECH 3.0...
  13. A

    Dumping Old Skis - Considering Kastle FX95 HP / Non-HP

    I've been an infrequent skier the last 5+ years still riding some old Rossignol Energy 194s I bought in 1998. I'm probably now back to a 5-10 day/yr skier mostly in Tahoe with trips to Utah too and ready for new skis. I'm just over 6 ft and 210 lbs and would call myself Intermediate to Advanced...
  14. Clax

    17/18 vs 18/19 Kastle FX 95 HP?

    I recently demo'ed the 2018/19 Kastle FX 95 HP, and loved the ski. I'm looking to buy a pair for the best price. During my purchasing research, I found that the 2017/18 Kastle FX 95 HP are priced at 40-50% off, which is obviously attractive. But here's my dilemma...the ski construction in...
  15. Clax

    Kastle Ski Question for the Kastle Gearheads

    I have a pair of MX88's that are a few years old (2012 models), and they are great skis. I've just recently purged some skis that I wasn't using, and I have held onto the MX88's (and a couple of other skis). Question for people that have gear addiction (like me)...if I was to sell the MX88's...
  16. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2019 Kästle MX74 vs 2019 Stöckli Laser AX

    Stöckli vs Kästle, Kästle vs Stöckli, these are the comparisons that keep people coming to Pugski. I feel like a ring announcer in Vegas: "In this corner, measuring in at 74mm underfoot, the Kästle MmmmmmmX Sev-en-ty Fourrrrrrr, and in the far cornahhhh, measuring in at 77mm underfoot, the...
  17. Mark-172

    "Hello Pugski !"

    Hello Everyone ! I'm getting back into skiing these past few years after a long time away from the slopes.. Glad I found this group ! I've enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to contributing myself. I'm a native Utahan, but have now spent more time in Maryland. I have family...
  18. Evolution and Revolution of Ski Design

    Review: Evolution and Revolution of Ski Design

    Evolution is safe, revolution is risk. Product managers are in a constant fight for balance and must determine when evolution is not enough and revolution is needed. But evolution can actually be riskier than revolution: brands can be so content with the sales and acceptance of a particular...
  19. Skibum Dynastar

    Marker K12 cti Bindings AFD adjustment & recall

    Hello hive mind. First post here. I just bought some used Kastle LX92 Skis with Marker K12 cti bindings fitted - now two questions... 1. I cannot find the gliding AFD pressure adjustment anywhere, some said early models were automatic but the pressure is thight as hell with my touring boot...
  20. T

    FX95 HP Binding Mount Location

    Howdy, First post here on the forums. I'm coming from an '07/08 Dynastar Legend Pro in a 186. I tend to prefer even fore/aft camber. I'm about to mount a pair of 189 Kastle 95HP's as their replacement. Despite being 3cm longer, they appear 5-10mm *shorter* in cambered running length, most of...