liberty bowl at big sky

  1. L

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Advice on Big Sky

    I'm going to be in Big Sky next week. I have a couple of people in my group insisting on taking the gondola up to Lone peak. I see that there are some black runs off the backside. I'm an intermediate skier at best and can usually handle groomed black runs in Aspen with no problems if I take it...
  2. TonyPlush

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Best Time to Visit Big Sky?

    Calling @skidrew @SShore @Talisman @Rio among other BS experts. Me and my annual ski buddies have agreed on Big Sky as the spot for our 2019 ski trip. It will be my first visit - can anyone help me decide what month is (usually) the best time to ski? Skiing 3-4 days. Avoiding the crowds is...