1. The Best Value/Sleeper Bindings for 2022/23

    Review: The Best Value/Sleeper Bindings for 2022/23

    When it comes to discussing bindings, there are few sites that go down the rabbit hole or into the weeds like SkiTalk, and here is another binding piece that dives into the details. We’ve discussed before what you gain when you purchase pricier bindings: You are not so much buying a bigger...
  2. briansteckler

    I’ve got a screw loose. Lost screw, Marker TCX 12.0

    We had my son’s Enforcer 93s remounted this year to fit some new boots. Annoyingly, the shop must not have gotten the brake mounting screw tightened all the way or something. The brake popped loose halfway down a run yesterday. The rental shop at Palisades couldn’t fix it (didn’t have or...
  3. Stereo Skis: The Ones That Go to 11

    Preview: Stereo Skis: The Ones That Go to 11

    Exclusive: Premiere of Stereo Skis in the US Market SkiTalk has become the voice of premium skis looking to make their mark, and not only in the US. With our increasing global outreach and balanced review platform, our email inbox has been very active. There are certain people whose calls I...
  4. Debunking Demo Bindings

    Debunking Demo Bindings

    Demo bindings are not new to the ski industry; they have been around in one form or another since starting as rental bindings in the mid-1970s. In the ski rental world, performance meant that a technician might save 30 sec adjusting the binding; on-snow performance was not really a priority...
  5. RickyG

    Marker Telmat Heel needed

    Gang I really need a Telmat heel for helping me model it. I've guessing tooooo much from pictures I can find. I'm betting this one will not have to be destroyed to get me the data I need. So if someone could/would sell me or let me buy one that would be wonderful. I will happily pay the shipping.
  6. Philpug


    PENZBERG, Germany - (November 1, 2019) The Royal Family success story continues. Marker, the binding specialist based in Penzberg, Germany, presents the follow-up version of the legendary Duke, setting yet another milestone for the binding market. With the new Duke PT, a hybrid freeride binding...
  7. ScotsSkier

    Marker launches new race binding

    The new Marker Xcomp 18 racing binding is set to hit the market during the 2019/20 season. The latest entry from the Bavarian binding specialist draws on the best aspects of its two predecessors, the Race Xcell and Comp. The new Xcomp delivers uncompromising power transfer while also allowing...
  8. Philpug

    Comparison Review 2019 Marker Bindings

    MODELSTAND HEIGHT (mm)SETTING RANGEWEIGHT (g/pr)STANDARD BRAKE SIZES (mm)OPTIONAL BRAKE SIZES (mm)SOLE COMPATIBILITYCOLORS 10.0 TP233-10151885, 100DIN, GripWalkBlack, White 11.0 TP183-11187090, 110DIN, GripWalkBlack, White 12.0 TPX184-12190690, 110DIN, GripWalkBlack Squire 11 ID223-11154090...
  9. Philpug

    Individual Review Long-Term Test: Marker Phoenix Otis Carbon Helmet and 16:10+ Goggles

    In recent years, Marker has expanded its offerings into the helmet and goggle world. For 2017, its flagship is the Phoenix Carbon helmet designed with a lightweight Multi-Impact Adaptive Polymer (MAP), a three-part hybrid construction allowing 15 to 22% more absorption than traditional...
  10. Philpug

    K2, Volkl, Dalbello, Marker, Marmot, Full Tilt and Line..What Does the Future Hold for Them?

    It is sad when you businesses become a "destraction". Read the whole story HERE. This could have a major effect in the ski industry. I know some from K2 that jumped and I know some that were pushed but this could be devastating. K2, Marker and Volkl IMHO still be around in some form...Line...