marker piston plate

  1. Stereo Skis: The Ones That Go to 11

    Preview: Stereo Skis: The Ones That Go to 11

    Exclusive: Premiere of Stereo Skis in the US Market SkiTalk has become the voice of premium skis looking to make their mark, and not only in the US. With our increasing global outreach and balanced review platform, our email inbox has been very active. There are certain people whose calls I...
  2. Cheizz

    Does the plate make the ski?

    I am researching my next high-performance carving ski. I really like the 2021 Dynastar Speed Course/Rossignol Hero Master M19, on paper. Especially the 179 length with the 19m radius. I really like that 18-20 cheater GS radius in a full-camber direct ski. However, most of these skis come with...
  3. hardtobeagod

    What binding and plate to mount on Völkl Racetiger SL R FIS 2017 ???

    I’ve acquired an (2016-2017) FIS approved full camber 157mm length 65mm width (116_65.5_100) Völkl Racetiger SL R with UVO, plates and bindings undrilled! The skis have been previously used and pictures are attached, try to guess the price I paid because to remount them I expect to be spending...
  4. ARL67

    The Great Plate Debate

    I'm trying to assemble info & descriptions on plate systems for those of us wanting a more race-oriented setup. Feel free to weigh in on the pros & cons on adding a plate system to a flat ski, your personal experiences, what works for you, etc. My personal interest in a plate + binding setup is...