mid-atlantic ski areas

  1. dbostedo

    Mid-Atlantic Gathering Planning

    Hey folks - Picking up the discussion from the "interest" thread, we wanted to put a poll out there to pick the place and weekend that would seem best to get a Gathering together. Please make your choice - you can pick more than one option if you're fine with multiple choices. And let's...
  2. Dwight

    Glen Plake Brings Back the Down Home Tour

    YESSSSSSSSSSS! https://www.snewsnet.com/press-release/glen-plake-brings-back-the-down-home-tour-to-small-ski-areas-in-the-us Begunje, Slovenia (Nov. 13, 2018) – Elan Skis, handcrafted skis 100% made in the Alps for over 70 years, is thrilled to announce that long time Elan athlete and ski...
  3. Dr. Bighair

    Mid-Atlantic Timberline, WV Under New Management

    It is 3 weeks from Timberline's advertised opening day, but their electricity, phones, and gas are still shut off because they haven't paid the bills. There is an ALJ hearing scheduled for Dec. 13th to decide whether or not to put their utility company into receivership and there are potential...
  4. LaurelHillCraze

    Pennsylvania State Parks Plan for Denton Hill Announced

    Bureau of PA State Parks Director John Hallas was on hand at a public meeting held at the Denton Hill Lodge on May 23 to discuss plans for the rehabilitation of the ski resort near Coudersport in northwestern PA. There is $12 million available for a project that is estimated to cost $18 million...
  5. dbostedo

    Mid-Atlantic Mid-A Conditions, Resorts, Meetups, and Stoke 17/18

    Doesn't appear to be a thread like this yet.... So it got down to 34 degrees this week in DC, it's almost November, my skis are back from waxing and tuning, and I'm watching the World Cup race from Solden. Seems like winter is almost here! :yahoo: They're already skiing in Colorado, Oregon...
  6. dbostedo

    Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Gathering early discussion thread

    @kitchener , @Ohioskier , @JohnL , @LaurelHillCraze , @jimmy , @Old boot , @cantunamunch , @crgildart , @Jim Kenney First, please feel free to page anyone else I missed... Second, since it's October, I didn't think it was too early to start thinking about the Mid-Atlantic Gathering...