mount point

  1. Jim Ward

    Mount point for MX 84?

    Greetings, looking at the side of my new MX 84's I see 9/176 1039432 followed by a vertical line with a triangle on its side pointing at the line. I an assuming that is the mid point? Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  2. musicmatters

    What bindings for Stöckli Laser AX

    I am picking up a Used pair of Laser AX from someone off this site. What bindings should I look at? I like the idea of demo bindings to be able to hone in on the mount point. Would the Attack 13 demo be appropriate for this? If I went non-demo bindings, what’s the move?
  3. Idahosnow

    SR 95 Mount point question

    I have the 2015 SR 95s (green, black, silver) with an atomic demo binding. I have had them for a long time and love them. I'm not sure why I haven't done this earlier but today I moved my mount point. I have skied them for years according to the correct BSL chart on the demo binding. This...
  4. Tom K.

    2018 Enforcer 100 185 cm Mount Point

    I've been homing in on these skis for about a year. I was resigned to the internet approach (no offense @SkiEssentials, thanks for supporting the site). Today, on a whim, I stuck my head in both small local shops downtown, and one of them picked up Nordica........and now I own a pair of 185s...
  5. U

    Forward mount for short BSL?

    Lightweight 5.1ft/113 lb, low advanced woman looking for an advice on the mount point. My BSL is 265. Skis Völkl Yumi 154 cm. I'm occasionally (ahem) in a back seat. Would forward mount be beneficial? If so, how much? Appreciate your input.
  6. Shrink It and Pink It: What Makes a Woman's Ski Different?

    Shrink It and Pink It: What Makes a Woman's Ski Different?

    So what is it that makes a woman’s ski, a woman's ski? For some manufacturers, it is a complete change in build philosophy; for others, it is different graphics; for still others, it is that plus a forward mount point. Are any of these right or wrong? Since not all women are built the same, why...